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Servant of Empire
Crackpot Podcast 51

Welcome to Episode 51 of the Crackpot Podcast, a wide ranging talk on American history, the British Army, the origins of American gun culture and the abhorrent cosmetic practices of celebrities.

The Crackpot Podcast features the Great Writer, James LaFond, and sister to all listeners and readers, Lynn Lockhart.

0:00:55 Porch piracy

0:03:40 Murderbowl

0:05:00 Upcoming publications, Barbarism vs. Civilization

0:11:00 The war on creativity

0:12:55 Trumpmas, 2018 - withdrawal from Syria

0:26:04 Message from the British Army, The Face of Battle, John Keegan

0:37:50 US Civil War 2.0 war games

0:39:50 Myth 20 ep LA Riots

0:42:40 Gun culture

0:53:55 Homeschooling culture

0:56:10 Indian kidnappings, Keith Jardine

1:00:53 Birth Trauma

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ShepFebruary 7, 2019 2:47 AM UTC

As the great sage Archie Bunker once opined: "England always was based on a kind of fagdom".

"Snowflakes, selfie addicts and gamers"

Go-grrrll joins Army to get away from rude people who talk harshly to her, another squaddie is not afraid to tell fellow soldiers about his boyfriend, another guy wants space to cry, and yes, more Muzzies.

Did I mention that they want more Muzzies?