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An Ailing, Androgynous Body
Crackpot Mailbox: "Barbarism vs Civilization" by Vlad Tepid

Hello James,

In your email with a copy of "Barbarism vs Civilization" attached you asked me to write a dust jacket text proposal for it. I couldn't resist from reading the "Under the God of Things" first, and maybe I shouldn't have, as "the Barbarism" feels more like mopping up after that one. In my view, that book is the masterwork, an explanation of most of your themes.

Anyway, here's what I've got. It reads more like a review than a dust cover, so please feel free to only take what suits you, if any. If you do, Vlad will have the credits.

"All things are known by comparison" instructs a writer from pre-Christian time. Heeding his word, the modern barbarian James LaFond follows up on his magnum opus "Under the God of Things" with a contrasting view of the two alternative foundations for building a society. In "Barbarism versus Civilization" he lifts the high-tech fabric of the civilizational garment, exposing an ailing, androgynous body underneath. He proceeds with pitting Civilized modes of thought and its standards of behavior against those of Barbarism.

While the author is clear on which of these two sides he views as the transcedental winner, he does not conceal his concern with the gravity of our present condition. Neither does he offer a false certitude of a prescriptive solution. Instead, he leaves cues and provides personal conduct tips, with each man expected to find his own path forward. His belief is that the collective transformation will only be made possible by changes at the individual level, by those with the need and the will. Are you one?

P.S. the writer I quote is Aenesidemus, a sceptic.

Take care,

-Vlad Tepid

Vlad, thank you for providing this.

Barbarism vs Civilization should be published as a limited edition hard copy, autographed by the crackpot hand sometime in late 2019.

If you would like a pdf of the draft just bribe me with a paypal donation or a book in the mail and I'll send it on winged feet to your virtual mailbox.

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ScottFebruary 8, 2019 7:20 PM UTC

I like that dust jacket proposal.