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Worlds of Negation
A Meditation on Cognitive Segregation

I was waiting in Chicago’s Union Station for a westbound train, reading Physics Reforged by Julian von Abele, when I noticed the system of self-segregation so common to pale folks and dark folks—only this segregation was in media viewing, not dining or socializing.

All seven individuals were between 30 and 60 years old.

We occupied two banks of facing chairs and one perpendicular row of chairs.

The two eldest pale faces sat facing the AMTRACK information screen, with ads on safety, human trafficking, terrorist response action tiers and general information.

The youngest pale face sat to the side, viewing the same screen.

The two eldest ebons sat facing the CNN monitor, which broadcast on three subjects: the benefits of illegal immigration, the goodness of Middle Eastern war and the evils of King TRUMP.

The youngest, an ebony princess, sat to the side, reading the same screen.

What was incredibly fascinating was that the three folks whose identity is entirely vested in their mythic enslavement and the national narrative that only people of African descent were ever held in bondage, missed the very well done, non-hyperbolic and practically-minded AMTRACK public service video on Asian and Latina women being trafficked into the U.S.A. with tips on how to spot the globalist pimps using trains to transport their kidnapping victims.

I was stricken with a spasm of deep solace on the realization that Plantation America never died, but rather that it lied and lied until it became the 330,000,000-person delusion that enslaves us all in our dim ape minds, offering brain feed that each vary-hued herd of hoodwinked humanity prefers to ingest, lie-laced feed which the master class is keen to invest.

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