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Saturday Night Out
Finally Found a Bar in Portland That I can Afford to Drink at While I Use Their Wifi: Maildrop Below

I will devout Saturday evening Happy Hour—extended for the life of this big ass laptop battery—to addressing my emails. Thank you all for your patience with my techtardation.



Knuckles n' Know-how

Sat, Jan 5, 9:19 PM

Just after I read "Soldier Millions", I ran across this gem:

21 Epic Hand-To-Hand Combat Beatdowns From US Military History - Veteran News, Careers, Culture & More | Task & Purpose

Out of ammo and out of options, these American service members took on the world in hand-to-hand combat with little more than their mitts.


Sat, Jan 5, 8:31 PM

A Frenchman fights anti-riot police with bare hands during Yellow Vests protests in Paris

Posted in r/The_Donald by u/iscreamcoke • 1,775 points and 249 comments

Some discussion of tools, tactics, and techniques in the comments.

Shep, I destroyed one of those shields with a light rattan stick in a stick fight in 2005.



GoLocalPDX | Portland’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods

Mon, Jan 28, 10:23 PM (12 days ago)

Just in case you want a long walk.

-Bro, I'm already an honorary Portland Negro! Got drunk with a leader of the local Bantu Impi and flirting with a cinnamon barmaid as I write. Down the street from here a brutha rolled up on a ghost couple, took the woman, threw her in the 79 charger, sped off and cursed her at gun point while threatening to pistol whip her for not finishing his blow job. As the cops chased him he got a good look at her and she seemed kind of soft around the eyes and said, "Oh, you not da bitch I paid ta suck ma dick lass night—Ma bad. You can get out, baby, and let her go."

Dark chivalry Bro!


Baltimore School Board Kills Bill That Would Have Allowed Armed Police in Schools - The Truth About Guns

Sat, Jan 26, 4:42 AM

Manny, that would be unfair, the students are not allowed to have guns and this would break the Chuck Norris Rule, the pillar of American civility.


So long, masculinity, you're a relic of unenlightened times - Chicago Tribune

Sun, Jan 13, 10:33 AM

Vox Popoli: If it's war they want

Tue, Jan 8, 1:08 AM

Lynn Lockhart

Fwd: Tweet from Bellingdog (@Bellingdawg)

Sun, Jan 6, 1:55 AM

Word is that this is a professional boxer and he's been arrested. We can do this video next time we tape too, I have downloaded it.

Bellingdog (@Bellingdawg) tweeted at 6:50 AM on Sat, Jan 05, 2019:

The #FreeFrench forces drive back Macronist thugs.


Lynn, this man had a great right hand and shows why two of the most famous last stands of lone warriors were on bridges.


Book recs

Sat, Oct 13, 2018, 5:53 PM

From Nick

by Cormac McCarthy

Child of God

Blood Meridian

Outer Dark

Nick's movie recommendations

Sat, Oct 13, 2018, 5:39 PM

He made a couple movie recs off tape, so I thought I'd send them. He wants to talk Sam Peckinpah with you.

Bring me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

Straw Dogs (1971)

Let the World Fend for Itself

Big Ron's Baltimore: A Working Man's View of Urban Blight

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