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Michaël the Exile Wants to Know

Thu, Jan 24, 1:27 AM

James, is headbutting someone a good move to make on the street? Also, would it be a good idea to train this by headbutting stuff - like old phone books and such?

- Regards, Michael

Head butts do not decide fights and are not worth damaging your brain and cervical spine practicing head-butting stuff. Head butt a soccer ball until you get the idea of it and then quit. You can shadow box head butts, which is taking the soccer head stroke, bending lead knee and waist to generate force beyond the swinging of your 8 pound head on your brainy ape neck and pushing off with the rear foot. Head butting is best used to:

-disrupt attacks,

-shock people to release a clinch

-cut faces

-break noses

-make space

Tough foes will not care about the cut brow or the broken nose and will just pour blood in your face.

If you look like you could be caste as the Incredible Hulk, you can thrust with your whole body, even pulling yourself forward with his shoulders as you shatter his face...

Head butts failed to decide UFC stalemates in the early days even when used by guys who could have been caste as the Hulk.

In boxing they get fights stopped on cuts or piss off Mike Tyson and get him to bite your ear off and spit it on the floor. Old Evander Not So Holy Field was the expert on head butting in his day.

Your brain and neck are important, even to boxers.

Head butt the speed bag—making sure to avoid the platform, nothing heavy.

The head butt should be used—and I have used it—against people with heads and necks no wider than yours. If you have a pin head forget it. If you have a great big watermelon head well, then we have a weapon.

If you do head butt strike with the point of your crown—that wedge of skull-muscle that looks like a pale pizza slice when Stefan Molyneux thinks real hard about something on You Tube.

If you strike the nose you might be drinking his bloody snot.

If you strike the point of the skull, well, then the most primitive cranium wins.

However, if you strike the sinus cavity below the flat portion of his forehead—lets hope this fucker has a flat portion of his forehead—and the bridge of the nose, well, that is a functional target, something that works that you can break. You have a narrow window between hitting a brick wall and breaking the snot fountain. This should disorient him and get a flinch at least so that you can play for position and do something really effective.

There is a You Tube video of some twerp bouncer head butting some Aryan juggarnaught in a Hawiain [spell check doesn't work, sorry] T-shirt and he beats up that bouncer and a couple others. Two observations:

Don't head butt that guy. I told you so, mo.

Also, every Aryan hero should have a black dude singing his praises as he kicks ass. After watching this video I'm pretty sure Homer was a Brutha and that Achilles was basically like Gerald Butler shish-kabobbing Trojans while Eddie Murphy yelled, "Hurts, don' it, bitch—yeah take dat back ta yo daddy!"

Oh, never commit to a thrusting head butt when your foe's head is pinned against a block wall or pavement. He might move.

Exception to all of the above: if you are wearing a motorcycle helmet and he is not, head butt.

In the overall—yeah, I wrote that, I'm fucking drunk, okay—the best head butt I ever scored was against the right fist of the guy that had sunk 300 plus punches into my face to my 90 misses, spraining his wrist and winning the fight!

Twerps, Goons and Meatshields: The Basics of Full Contact Stick-Fighting

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Bran Mak SwornFebruary 11, 2019 7:10 AM UTC

David Leduc the king if lethwei and world champion did a good series on YouTube about headbutts because they're legal in his sport. If used properly they can be extremely devastating so give it a look.
responds:February 11, 2019 12:46 PM UTC

Thanks. I've enjoyed Leduc's video.

However, for guys in their 30s and older, starting out, who don't have freakish physicality, I'd be adverse to recommend the necessary contact practice.

the place I recommend the head butt is against a car, bar, wall, etc.
MichaelFebruary 10, 2019 3:44 PM UTC

Thanks for your insights, James.
responds:February 11, 2019 12:47 PM UTC

Check out Bran's comments. the video footage of Leduc is worth viewing. You certainly want to have this ability in certain clinch situations, but keep the contact training light.
Bryce SharperFebruary 10, 2019 10:50 AM UTC

I had a friend who was headbutting a lot of people in his late teens. It definitely worked, but a lot can go wrong as you said. He used the top of his forehead into the nose and eyesockets, which are soft parts of the face.

THere's too much that can go wrong with a head butt. You can butt someone-else's forehead or try to headbutt someone with a bigger neck. It might be ok if you're a rugby player.