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Shamahat Writes...
A New Reader Wants to Know More About Harm City and the Violence Guy

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Tue, Feb 12, 2:21 PM (1 day ago)

Hi James,

I hope you are doing well. I hope the bar with wi-fi is not a deadly combination 😉

I've been reading your stories. After reading the Plantation America article, should I refer to you as a Pale American?

Is the USA Beat a new newsletter you're doing?

Is Mr. Mohammed Black or Islamic? I wonder what his rating scale would be when it comes to which woman he would help? I'm glad he's watching out for others.

Take care,


I resent the Whiteman metazoological race assignment as invalidating of my European slave-mutt heritage. I'm fine with:

-1 paleface

-2 yeti

-3 ghost man

-4 long knife

-5 Devil, woke or preternatural

-6 European American

-7 White trash [yes, but not white man]

-8 American

-9 and, last but not leas, snow nigga

USA Beat is the domain of Oliver Wendell Hayes, a Jamaican American who has hired me to write for him, along with the upcoming One Round Boxing. He is a wizard with key words and informs me that my Baltimore Housing Article was #1 in the world for 2 days on google! Yes, my new boss is a black man, so pick 7 from the list above.

Mister Mohamed, my personal hero, once helped my raggedy ass get a bus in the rain downtown one Monday night, stopping it with his own body! He will help any respectful man and any woman who dresses or acts like a lady. He will tax sissies but never accepts money from ladies and will not ask for money from poor white trash like me, although I gave him a buck 2.5 years ago and he said, with sincerity, that he appreciated it.

Thank you, Miss, for your interest, and may the clients at the Ishtar Gate come bearing silver and gold.

Rubbing Out Palefaces

Moral Minority Survival at the End of Caucasian Time Paperback

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Bryce SharperFebruary 14, 2019 10:23 PM UTC

What do you call a white man who works for a black man?