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Head Butts & Body Armor
Crackpot Mailbox: Bob Wonders about Stab Protection

Tue, Feb 12, 12:38 AM (4 days ago)

Dear Mr. La Fond,

One point about head-butts (I've been knocked out a few times so I don't fancy practicing or envisage ever using them) - it's recommended you close your eyes on impact to avoid the blurred/double/impaired vision that can follow.

Thanks for that note, Bob. I have bee instructed to do it three different ways, eyes open, squinting and closed. When I did it I squinted and didn't have any ill-effects. The eyes open gambit was if you were head butting the chin upward, thrusting using the back of the neck to push the top of the head up into the chin and wanting to keep an eye on things. This was boxing advice from an old timer.

On the belly knife, I share Mr. Sharper(!)'s skepticism about complicated defenses. I speak not from personal experience, but seeing how prisoners have used books, paper, etc., tucked into trousers and concealed by a shirt, I wonder whether a stab vest could be used? I'm thinking that the defender's arms, unprotected could be raised high, protecting head and neck and encouraging thereby a an initial stab to the gut. That would offer the aggrieved party one free hit before the playing field tilts back towards the knife-wielder.



That use of the magazine vest you illustrate is good if you make sure not to lift the elbow of the left hand, thus exposing the armpit.

I pack the pockets of my coat with padding—hats, gloves, note pads and glasses case—mostly on the left side where most stabs enter. For this a coat with three exterior pockets and one interior on the left side is best.

Don't forget the value of a loose outer coat with a reinforced jacket underneath. In warm weather I like carrying a jacket or shirt in my left hand for this purpose.

In summer, lightly dressed, a cap should be worn, to be grabbed by the bill. Sparring practice shows this to be almost as effective as a shirt, slapping down against the knife hand and at his eyes alternately, holding the bill between the thumb and first two fingers.

The best edged weapon defense remains the chair or bar stool, held by the back and thrust with the legs as a shield with projecting thrusters. The folding metal chair and tall stool are best as they can both be easily reversed into blunt poleaxes by wielding them by the legs after the knifer is pushed back or down. If he falls back, poleaxe his ankles. If he takes a knee or sit-falls against a wall, hit a homerun with that watermelon on his shoulders.

Fold the metal chair and hit with the edge, not like a pro wrestler.

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