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Meat-Puppet Masquerade
The Social Mechanics of Human Extinguishment

In an age when God, and the gods that preceded him have been declared dead, in an age undreamed of by our darkest prophets, in which the worship of humanity as the governor and self-defining architect of its own destiny is the post facto religion of the elites and the masses, does it strike a mind oddly, that the Human Collective, the Billion-strong rampaging collective psyche that is the hate-child of Western Civilization, seems to be devoted in its every action to the extinguishment of the individual human soul, to our metaphysical and biological invalidation, and the extermination of every voice that fails to worship at the altar of our false duality?

Probably not; most likely you simply seek to become a validated functionary of a pining node of one half of the phony binary spittoon that is Postmodern Civilization. Having failed to awaken to the death of his kind until it was too late to offer a meaningful alarm, the author, self-decried mortician of the Great American Lie, having traced its duplicitous blooms along the noxious vine with roots sunk in the bile of a wicked age, offers impressions of the works of 4 writers regarding the mortality of the human soul and its enslavement by the collective narratives of monstrous ages, real and imaginary:

-A massive metaphysical document by one of the 20th Century’s best science-fiction novelists.

-A four-volume saga of one of the 20th Century’s best fantasy novelists.

-A predictive look at modernity by one of its most hated enemies.

-A look at the death of the ancient soul by one of antiquity’s most lucid historians.

-Along with articles and dialogues on postmodern life and literature by the author, who, not coincidentally, writes in the four genres of the authors unnamed above.

Meet-Puppet Masquerade is intended to be James LaFond’s final attempt to put his inquiry into civilization and masculinity to rest. It is expected to come to completion in May 2019.

Turd America

Trumpapocalypse Now: The Advent of an American Usurper at the fall of Western Civilization

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The Great Train Wreck of the West

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