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Dressing for Combat Survival
In Harm’s Way

The following advice is assuming a dangerous local, a place where muggings by adults, recreational mob beating by youths and shootings and home invasions are not uncommon, a place like Baltimore Maryland, New Orleans, Camden New Jersey, Cleveland Ohio, Chicago, Jamaica Queens, Detroit, etc.

By day sunglasses are useful in preventing possible eye contact, eye-fucking and escalation of aggression. They also conceal your eye movement, so train to check side to side behind your shades without turning your head. The main use of shades is to roll your eyes down to check his hands and belt line without being apparent. Almost all weaponry comes from the belt line, mostly on the right side.

Wear boots with rock guards as these handle like sneakers, do not trip you up but stomp like boots. Boots without heels are the best for mobility but heels do cause more damage.

Hot Weather

Wear a cap, always, bill forward. This can protect the eye and face against downward strokes of a weapon or fist, and most of all can be taken off by the bill and used to whip the eyes with the snap band and serve as a blade parrying device.

Wear loose fitting shirts and cargo shorts, whether armed or not. Wearing baggy close alone makes people wary of what you might have stowed underneath or within.

Carry a spare shirt for a blinder, choker or blade catcher.

Never wear sandals or flip flops.

Never go shoeless unless on a beach.

Moderate Weather

Carry or wear a jacket un-zipped or unbuttoned.

Do not have your every weapon under the jacket but make sure one is in a side pocket and or attached to the lapel or front pocket.

Any time rain is likely, do not wear a hoody but carry a small umbrella. The hoody is good for offense and theft and bad for defense.

Cold Weather

Dress in layers and wear a loose coat if any so that your shoulders are free.

Insert hard items, even folded paper or cardboard in left side gut, chest and side pockets.

Make sure a pen, flashlight, small stick, rock or other improvised weapon is in right side pockets.

Wear a ski-cap doubled around the temple and just above the brow against blunt force strikes.

Make sure your coat does not prevent weapon draws from the belt line.

Wear cargo shorts on the outside of your jeans to carry extra weapons and generally look like a homeless guy.

Being a Bad Man in a Worse World

Fighting Smart: Boxing, Agonistics & Survival

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Bryce SharperFebruary 24, 2019 11:49 PM UTC

We have no way of knowing whether this story is truth or falsehood. If he's truly a white supremacist, why was he planning on killing almost every last person on earth rather than just nonwhites? Second, there have been very few instances of "right wingers" doing anything. The DC Beltway snipers were black jihadists. The guy who shot up the Republican softball game was a left-winger. So was the guy who shot up the concert in Vegas. There have been other incel attacks (P@rkland and the one at UCSB) and Muslim jihads like the one in San Bernardino or the homosexual club in Florida or the Boston Bombers. So far, no "right wingers" have done anything. By contrast, Left wingers and jihadists have not been stopped beforehand. That should give you some strong clues as to what the Left has in store for you. Also, what about the cartel and MS-13 arms stockpiles? What is being done about them? Why are only white men a priority?

Solzhenitsyn didn't own any firearms when he was sent to the gulag for 8 years. He mildly criticized Stalin.
responds:February 25, 2019 10:54 PM UTC

The rub is, in our own continuum, how the goonvernment gets instant approval from the masses for locking palefaces up and throwing away the key is to point at gun ownership. Almost exactly half this nation believes we should not have guns so that status, of gun ownership, especially if there is any eccentricity about it, will serve as our passport to the big house.

I know you guys hate to hear it, but in America, owning a gun as a private citizen is already the equivalent of mildly criticizing Stalin.
BP BollocksworthFebruary 21, 2019 5:41 PM UTC

If you will pardon a comment that should be an email: Someone not concerned with survival:

This guy might have been under higher surveillance due to being in the coast guard, but I can’t help but think there isn’t much to differentiate him from hundreds of thousands of American men. Sounds like he’s a crank who wrote some impotent words and had some guns and now he’s a “terrorist” despite doing nothing violent. Your personal choice not to own firearms seems more and more like the way to go. The path to de facto gun confiscation is to simply railroad a few marginal nuts who own a few guns to encourage the rest. “If you weren’t a domestic terrorist why would you need ONE THOUSAND rounds?”
ShepFebruary 21, 2019 4:56 AM UTC

I'm drawing a blank re: "boots with rock guards". Oogle search comes back negative. Can you give an example?
responds:February 23, 2019 10:10 PM UTC

here is no separate platform for the sole, the entire shoe unified and the toe of the toe case cupped over with a "rock guard," for climbing and kicking in rocky areas to limit face forward tripping.

They are the shoes I am wearing in the yurt and place videoes and the upcoming footwork insructionals.

Sorry about the spelling—I'm hallucinating.
Glasgow NedFebruary 21, 2019 4:03 AM UTC