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Crackpot Mailbox: Clued, Shep, Ishmael, Bob, Luther, Uncle Riley, Lynn Lockhart, Bryce Sharper, Erique and Stevadore...

Nice try, Boy—back in the kitchen with your spotlight seeking ass...

Thanks and well wishes


First of all thank you so much for steering me towards Finley's work. I am currently working my way through The Ancient Economy and the World of Odysseus with an open notebook. It's a treasure trove of insight and grist for my creative mill.

Second I found some news referring to Portland and the local ANTIFA stirring things up. Apparently the (black female) Police chief is a race traitor for daring to even speak with Ungood rightists Patriot Prayer. Every time I hear of them I am reminded of the left vs right thugs in Weimar. It seems far too similar to be comfortable.

It would be a damn shame for you to survive the feral orcs of Baltimore only to be knifed by a squad of frothing modern communist whites.

Take care,


Thanks, Sir.

For the record, in exactly 2 months in Portland I have run into three dangerous men: the guy I'm living with, a Nigerian with a screw driver in a suit who gave me all the respect that one would expect the Grim Reaper—literally stepped off to let me pass—and a hardnosed Latino street person who stepped aside politely for me. In the same conditions, in Baltimore, while being outside half as often [because I often hid out in helms deep from the orcs of Isengard] I was typically attacked twice out of a pool of say, 60 dangerous looking men.

My PTSD muscle is so atrophied that I'll probably get, shot, stabbed, gang stomped and run over by a pickup truck on my first day back in Harm City—oh yes, and gnawed on by a pitbull while local street urchins clean out my pockets...


Still the champions!

This is what you call a good inning!




A teaching moment gone wrong, or maybe not. As one who once attempted to toss an activated fire extinguisher through a high school Principal’s front window, I can perhaps empathize to a degree. When your life is down to two toilets, it is almost Conan-like to toss one through a window and then sit on the other one to await room and board. Feed up for the next adventure.

Sent from Riley

Check this trailer out, bro


documentary on fentanyl in Baltimore



Mon, Feb 18, 10:33 PM

People of the Abyss:

Dear Mr. LaFond,

I can't recall whether you ever featured this foiled attempted murder by pen in one of your articles, but it's a perfect example of what you say.



Sir, thanks for the hilarity—and, for the record, Stevedore Jackson, at 122, could have done a better job shanking that snitching cracker.


Wuve is a many-enunciated thing...



God save the redneck cops...


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