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Finding a Coach
Crackpot Mailbox: A Man Question from a Myth of the 20th Century Listener

Man Question: Finding a coach


Fri, Feb 22, 10:43 AM (12 days ago)

to me

Hi James,

I've been reading your blogs and books since your first show with the myth of the 20th century. I particularly loved your book Under the God of Things, which solidified many thoughts that had been in the back of my mind for years. You induced in me a profound grief for the lost masculinity of myself and my peers. A grief I have tried to convey to my friends and family with little success. I am a writer as well, having published many poems and short stories in small magazines in my country of residence and the USA.

As a recovering indoctrinaire of the sissy state, I would like to know what to look for in a boxing coach or similar. How can I identify someone who is not just a babysitter but where I'm not going to get brain-damaged in the first session? My entire fighting experience consists of a fifth grade brawl and separating drunken upper middle-class pansies who were shoving each other in a bar. I am not going to be any type of amateur or professional fighter but I want to test my physical limits and learn some basic self-defense and companion protection skills. I live in an overseas province of the Amerikkkan Empire that is not yet visibly perilous to urban walkers but will get there eventually.

Many thanks and please keep writing.

-Lucky Lucasio

Sorry I took so long, Sir, but I've been sick for the past two weeks.

Let me hit this question before these two dolls ask me to leave their early closing coffee shop...

Okay, the best thing you could do is let me stay in a spare room and my slave Stevadore Jackson will live in the closet and I'll coach you for free. Short of that, here are some tips, keeping in mind that you need what your couch knows downloaded into your young frame without getting your ass beat like he did...

In general a coach should have:

-High intelligence

-Experience coaching, the more the better

-Experience competing in his art form

-A clearly expressed understanding of how his art interfaces with non artistic violence, such as muggings

-A practical understanding of the legalities of implementing his training in defensive situations

-Experience identifying and rehabbing injuries likely in his art

Specifically, a boxing coach should

-Not use mitts as the centerpiece of his method—get away from that guy

-Stress footwork before punching

-Stress jabbing before power hitting

-Stress balance before power hitting

-Stress shadow boxing before bag work

-Stress bag work before sparring

-Stress defense over power hitting

-Stress power hitting over point scoring

Power hitting is the main goal, but if you head right for it and you are not a rare natural punching freak, you will not achieve your potential.

The art of boxing is best taught by introducing one element at a time.

You are the main ingredient. Your coach, will, like me, have weak spots. Discover what his expertise is in the art he coaches and do your homework, training yourself in his methods, which will enable you to eventually learn other coach's methods through video and print sources.

Thanks for getting in touch and please send me some samples of your writing some time.


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SidVicMarch 8, 2019 8:31 PM UTC

You might consider avoiding the striking arts initially depending on your age and level of fitness/strength. I'm a big fan of wrestling and grappling. Usually the high school and university club scene is surprisingly hard core. Get conditioned, strong, pain tolerant, and balanced on your feet before pursuing striking. Of course if you a 18yr whose naturally athletic you may choose to throw caution-to-the-wind as this type is want to do.

My first boxing experience, lacing up doing pretty good for 5 minutes, getting winded, getting hit solidly in head by bigger man, and nursing a headache from fucking hell for two weeks. Avoid this. James is correct gloves make it more dangerous. Guy could have never hit me that hard with out breaking all those little bone in his hands without the gloves. I'm a also a big fan of youtube. some excellent instructional videos out there. become discriminating and adept at finding those that know their stuff.
responds:March 10, 2019 12:24 AM UTC

Jason Van Veldhuysen is a great YouTube coach.

Also, using grapping to develop some neck strength before boxing would help. Be careful with neck exercises, but do them.