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Mestiza & Mulatta Angst
Crackpot Mailbox: A Confederacy of Outrageous Brutes Speak

Hilarious headline


Mar 6, 2019, 7:09 PM (3 days ago)

to me

Would it be solipsism, narcissism, or something uncharted that would lead a Lebanese woman to yell “rayciss” when she bangs her way to a billionaire? This is a candidate for the most feminine headline of all time, since very few modern wymyn understand the meaning of “intimidated”. Yet they still throw it around as shaming language…


Shep, this cheers me that my favorite piece of Mestiza ass is openly demonstrating her insecurity even as she marries up into the pure Eurosphere. Honestly, if I were king of the world I'd nuke a city just to acquire her as my own personal beanbag chair. It is fascinating how she reverses the mixed race mirror she looks into with fear every night as she awaits that faithful day when she will no longer look like Sophia Loren's love child, but the lady making tamales at the Portland food cart...

She has my pity and white daddy has her kitty.

Reparations Time? Kamala Harris' Father Says Family Descended from a Jamaican Slave Owner | Trending


Sun, Feb 24, 8:36 PM (13 days ago)

Hit is rough, being descended from slavers.

Sent from Riley

Of course, Colonel, the great unkept secret is that the entire mulatto mafia now fronting for the Deep State as guilt-inducing mammalois are the descendants one and all of super elite slave owners and us poor palefaces descending from those goddamned hillbillies and crackers they put out of work have the blame stuffed down our injustice-parched throats.

For the record, Kamala would be hauling Selma's share of the laundry while the frustrated Mestiza hauled Kamala's share of the prone portion of a slavegirl's burden.

Fair is fair, but fine is mine.

On Bitches

Your Trojan Whorse

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