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Sucker for the Punch
Crackpot Mailbox: WellRead Ed Can't be Everywhere but Chumps Can


Feb 22, 2019, 11:25 AM

to me

My already meager boxing skills are diminished by time and infirmity BUT, the way this guy telegraphed his punch, I believe I could have, even now, evaded it and given him something to remember me by.

Video from Multiple Angles Shows Horrific Beating of Conservative Man on Berkeley Campus

By Benjamin Arie

Will California leftists Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi say a single word about this apparent anti-conservative ...

-Well Read Ed

Okay, my Northron Paleface Cousin. This website kept me so long with guitar and Trump dinner party adds that I wanted to sucker punch the managing editor.

Second, this was the easiest type of sucker punch to avoid, coming from a larger man at a downward looping angle, not only telegraphed, but advertised in the Dodge City classifieds, ordered by rotary phone from an observation post in Indian Country, necessitating line repairs and confirmed by counter signals after being run through Pinkerton encryption in Washington...

I say good for the goon, as any talker on political points who assumes civility from people shouting threats and fails to take a simple stepping off measure deserves the knuckles he eats. Secondly, based on the disparity in body mass and bone structure, the resulting orbital bruising demonstrated a poor power transfer.

Thanks for the uplifting news that a talker got done—for any talker, whether he agrees with me or not—is wrong in being only a talker and justly punished by his meathead nemesis.

Why would one argue with the brainwashed drones of the momacracy if not to earn a shiner to parade on some version of the sissy news?

This seems like a symbiosis.

Perhaps these two are now dating?

That said, to be attacked by such a meathead—us understanding that the verbal aggression is an attack and the punch only it's culmination—would certainly fulfill any macho fantasies that remain unresolved in my simian core. A perfect day would be watching such an attack fulfilled and then bitchslapping the meathead attacker and making him eat his own underwear.

Defensive note: if any reader is approached suchwise by such goon, simply raise your hands upward in an open pleading way and step to the right behind or to the outside of his left foot. If he grabs with the left hand brush down with your right as you continue to step right. If he punches with his right, moves the right shoulder, looks down or clenches his right fist, then simply place your left hand on his right shoulder as you step around.

Petting pussy is not difficult, even when it is screaming to be dominated and muscled up with testosterone therapy.

Step off.

Pet the pussy.

Penetrate with a slapping shockwave.

Once lubricated, bang the pussy repeatedly until it moans and then walk away leaving her pining for more firm attention...

On Bitches

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