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‘Lawes of God and the Lawes of Men’
The Original American Prosperity Gospel from the Laws and Liberties of Massachusetts of 1648

[What follows is 578 drear words extolling the creation of laws in New England as a furtherance of the creation of ancient Israel under God.]

* * *

These Lawes which were made successively in divers former years, we have reduced under several heads in an alphabeticall method, that so they might the more readilye be found … wherin (upon every occasion) you might readily see the rule which you ought to walke by.

* * *

[The paragraph below address all non-free men as being voluntarily bound, although this was not generally the case. However, failure to thrive economically was deemed a form of voluntary submission to serve a master.]

You have called us from among the rest of our Bretheren and given us power to make the lawes: we must now call upon you to see them executed: remembring that old & true proverb, The execution of the law is the life of the law. If one sort of you viz: non-Freemen should object that you had no hand in calling us to this worke, and therfore think yourselvs not bound to obedience &c. Wee answer that a subsequent, or implicit consent is of like force in this case, as an express precedent power: for in puting your persons and estates into the protection and way of subsistance held forth and exercised within this Jursidiction, you doe tacitly submit to this Government and to all the wholesome lawes thereof[.]

[287 words on the need of civil cooperation]

[The following paragraph is broken down into bullet points as the common penalties for law breaking, which included failure to make a profit, and failure to be bound to a master. For instance, in Congregationalist New England, no single man or woman was permitted to conduct themselves as a free person, but had to submit to the rule of a patriarch as a house servant.]

It is therefore ordered by this Court, & Authority thereof,

-That no mans life shall be taken away; [the most common English punishment]

-no mans honour or good name shall be stayned;

-no mans person shall be arrested,



-dismembered, [ears, noses, hands and feet were economic assets of the person and subject to removal]

-nor any wayes punished;

-no man shall be deprived of his wife [she could be sold by court order]

-or children; [the court could and did order them sold]

-no mans goods or estate shal be taken away from him; [this property included any and all bondmen or bondwomen, servants,s laves, apprentices, etc.]

-nor any wayes indamaged under colour of Law or countenance of Authoritie unless it be by the vertue or equity of some expresse law of the Country warranting the same established by a General Court & sufficiently published; or in case of the defect of a law in any particular case by the word of God. And in capital cases, or cases concerning dismembring or banishment according to that word to be judged by the General Court.

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Boswald BollocksworthMarch 12, 2019 3:04 PM UTC

Speaking of lawes:

Nice example of the Kindergartenization of our grain-fed society. McGregor will be churned through the injustice system because he damaged the phone of some schmuck. Seems to me if you take McGregor’s picture at 5AM outside a nightclub, and all he does is smash your universal surveillance device, you got off easy. Not that long ago a celebrity fighter would have got away with this, not that long ago just about anyone would I have got away with this, as long as the victim was a nobody.

America’s gladiators are being sent a message: violence is only tolerated when it can be marketed, otherwise you’re just another asset. Maybe there’s also something going on involving the damaging of a smart phone
responds:March 12, 2019 8:41 PM UTC

I always sigh when my favorite black man gets in trouble with the law.