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Three Video Reviews from October

‘A Homogenous Population’

Paraguayans: The World's Weirdest Latinos

One thing that the narrator missed was that the Jesuits, who had organized the Paraguayan population, were forced to leave by the Pope after the Emperor of Brazil complained that the Jesuits were helping fight off Brazilian slave traders.

The nation is unique in language and also in the fact that there was a period in its history when it was against the law for whites to breed!

I am of the opinion that the War of the Triple Alliance was fought with such fervor due to the fanatical strand of Catholicism put in place by the Jesuits who ran the nation as an unconquered mission until recalled by the Pope, and have used this haunting dynamic in my novel The Spiral Case.


What they won't tell you about global warming

This is an important snapshot of globalist mind-screwing, with only one nation of 32 who keep an accurate climate model [Russia] and the leading nation [U.S.A.] abiding by a blended falsification model, indicating that Russia has more climatological skin in the game and that the U.S. is a globalist front. Ironically, globalist doctrine seems intent on reporting [and possibly ignoring, but I’m too cynical to believe that] the opposite of what is happening, namely that the globe is beginning to cool again, according to a cycle older than our arrogant kind.

For the underground masculinist, I think it’s a good idea that most of the vast bleating herd are expecting summer as winter looms. I think this is the view of our elite, who surely know the truth of the matter and promote belief in the opposite.



Mister Ken, along with most conservatives concerned with the loss of the rights of free association, the loss of moral standards, gun control and freedom of speech experience much pain on account of their belief in SATAN—that’s right Satan, whose name in ancient Sumerian translated roughly to State Administrator. The story Ken reports in this news clip is about a Christian school in Australia which is going to be forced to hire homosexual teachers.

Many will think that a way must be used to recapture the State and re-empower people with their rights.

Empowerment is a phony word, which means state-bestowed privilege.

Rights area phony concept, which means state-bestowed privilege.

Liberty is not the freedom to be left alone but the freedom to not leave others alone for their own gain and privilege.

If the State, any State, forces a religious school to hire teachers or admit students contrary to their religion, than the school should immediately close down, liquidate, layoff, refund and commit suicide. Anything else would be tantamount to desecration. However, I doubt if any such action will occur, as the religion of money is number one to almost everyone, despite their stated metaphysical alignment.

Below is an excellent monologue on the current insanity of privilege-based differentiation of humans along functionally nonsensical lines.

Night City: The Short Fiction of James LaFond: 2015-16

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