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Crackpot Mailbox: Man Against Modernity with Teutonic Fist


Sun, Feb 17, 5:03 AM

to me

You know I think its a realy good think that crime in London is on the rise especialy stabbings. Because fuck London. And fuck everyone who lives there.

Today I saw the Daily Mail making advertisement for one of my favorite sites on the Internet, Bestgore.

A magical place where you can watch all sorts of lynchings and stabbings and killings from all around the world. You know, all the good stuff normies think they are seperated from because their housings have glass windows that seperates them from the outside.

I just wished the Savages with their knifes would have gotten entrance to this high class gathering:

Imagine some third world brown savages with rusty knifes storming an Eyes wide Shut party and come over these degenerates like an Apache Warparty stabbing and skalping and sodomizing the dead and dying. It would be glorious!

-Teutonic Fist

My 2nd week in Portland the chief of the local Bantu Impi, one of the few real men I've run into out here, a man who has acquired the best woman he can and keeps her pregnant, saw me walking down the street and petting his pitbull who he was recalling to the clan boma and asked me how I liked Portland, to which I responded, "It's kind of weird being the only black man in town," to which he laughed and responded, "You drink, bro?" to which I said yeah and he said, "Then get yo ass in here," and we had a grand time, two nergoes of a kind, one pale and the other nut brown.

The point is, my landlord, a hulking truck driver, pointed this man out to me as the only reliable combatant in the neighborhood and introduced us, the three of us comprising a secret neighborhood underwatch. I have long contended that the only thing that can save Western Man from sissydom is the threat of feral savages and that the only worthwhile allies against such savages, are the noble barbarians of color who ally with us, ultimately, against the insidious emasculation seeping from the globalist vagina called snivilization.

While visiting an East Coast friend and watching Barry Lyndon [I think], a 1970s costume opera about a dueling confidence man by Stanly Kubrick, starring Ryan O'Neal, there was one Versailles garden party scene during which I blurted, "Ten Mohawk warriors bursting through the manicured hedges could redeem this scene!" betraying an instinct we seem to share, that barbarism is noble and that only its return can save civilization from the feral savagery its degeneration invites from within and without.

The Violence Project

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Ruben ChandlerMarch 18, 2019 2:51 AM UTC

Viv laughed and said "Aw, you guys". Very excited to be Downtown Charlie Brown's wingman btw.
Ruben ChandlerMarch 15, 2019 5:27 AM UTC

Vivian and I are freakin' dyin' reading this. Viv says Barry Lyndon is great though I haven't seen it. The globalist vagina called snivilization is riotous.
responds:March 17, 2019 8:52 PM UTC

Please wink at Vivian for me!

Underscored with a sly grin, of course.

Just give me three steps towards the door...