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Cracker-Boy IN PRINT!
Crackpot Podcast 53

Hello friends, I am so happy to be podcasting more regularly again. I am even happier to tell you that Cracker-Boy is in print!!!

You can buy this rogue history book, packed with original sources, served in small portions, right here:

I think I talk more than I ever have in an episode here, so consider yourselves warned.


The Crackpot Podcast features unsanctioned historian James LaFond and his enabler Lynn Lockhart.

Time Stamps:

0:00:28 Podcasting technology update

0:01:45 Apologies! CRACKER-BOY!!!

0:04:16 John Hu and distinguishing slaves from citizens

0:10:56 Amelie Wen Zhao, African-American slavery supremacy

0:22:21 Freedom on the Move

0:28:20 Fugitive slave catching, petroleum, foreign labor

0:33:20 James makes a prediction

0:34:55 Carcel clothing, Lynn gets emotional

0:40:54 WIPs, see also, the Letter to the Shareholder

0:57:52 Wrath of Gnon, nightmares

1:03:30 In the mind of a writer, On Silence

1:10:04 Panhandler murder, Baltimore

Listen via the link below:

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