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'Jungle Fever'
And A London Reader: Crackpot Mailbox


Many thanks indeed for your email, and the attached document. I wasn't aware of your writing until I saw a post made by Jack Donovan on Instagram today. There was a picture of the pair of you, and he mentioned your writing.

I have only read the first few pages of the 'Trojan Whorse' Ebook but the description of the four types of women, and the story of Pizza John had me howling with laughter. I had a similar experience once with a black co-worker. I used to work with this bloke from Grenada, and he was OBSESSED with blondes. I mean he could not get enough of them. He had a different one every week, it seemed. They were all unbelievably hot too. He too, interestingly, would avoid the clutches of black women. I remember he expressed that he thought them to be 'untrustworthy' or something. I've always wondered about black people and blonde people, and how it works differently with the sexes. There is some kind of bizarre magnetism between them. When blonde women go for black guys, the slang term is 'Jungle Fever', there's even artsy films about it, but I don't know if the opposite has a colloquialism. Would be interesting if it did.

I thought the way you told the story and how Pizza John laid out all the facts in front of you was fantastic.

At some point I do plan to purchase your 'Logic of steel' publication, as I live in London, and you may or may not know that knife crime has skyrocketed here in the past couple of years. It even occurs now in the suburbs, where I am, so I think someone with your background might actually be able to give concrete advice on dealing with the matter.

Anyway, thanks again for taking the time to email me and send me that PDF. I will read my way through it as soon as I can.

Take care,

-Hal "Hammer" Rex

Okay, Hammer Rex, it's called "Snow Blindness" and afflicted Bantu warriors of old in their homeland, when, after having victory handed to them by their bloody-handed ancestors in grim battle, leading men such as Shaka Zulu [who this actually happened to] would find themselves transported to the snows of Kilimanjaro where a likely blonde slut would lure them into a lions' den to be torn apart—but Shaka emerged victorious, raped that bitch, and brought his otherworldly Asagi down among the Kraals of his people and the rest is history. [Stevedore Jackson was detailed as the fact-checker for this entry and the negro is stone drunk...]

Veering ever so unheroically away from the rarified realm of historic African fact, let's consider your plight as a stout paleface living in an area newly opened as a Snow Ape hunting preserve for Skinnies and Sandlords...

The most dangerous knife user will stab you and then cut his way out of your yeti hide, making fishmongers and meat cutters the worst actual knife-armed antagonist you might face. If one of these fookers jams his blade into your guts, clamp both hands around his knife wrist and headbutt him, holding him close, carrying his skinny ass to the emergency surgical center if necessary, but not letting him rip that edge out of your body.

If one of these fookers is holding the knife like an icepick he will be able to stab while on the run, this grip having been proven as a pursuit and sentry removal grip, making it imperative that your big Anglo ass does not turn back to or run from any skinny so armed. The longer a blade held like this the more useless it will be and the more prone to slapping and shallow stabbing. Grapple him, if you are unarmed, but preferably use a chair or stool or table to swat him like a Nubian fly.

If this fooker is slashing with his blade from a hammer grip or saber grip, bum-rush him and take him down, getting inside the arc with your left hand high enough to deny a neck slash.

Okay, if this is a big fooker, or a short muscular type, holding the knife by his hip and closing, than you have your pale self an OJ Simpson Situation and are in danger of extreme butchery. Take hold of some furniture and beat his ass down or run. If you run, run to his knife side, not his empty hand side, as he will execute a poor stab, breaking his running stride, unless he first grabs you with his empty hand, then it's 2-3 stabs per second until you're good and done. Stabs and slashes at you as you and he run will break his stride and be poor strokes.

In general, if the fooker grabs you, closer is better. If he has not grabbed you, further is best. 19 out of 20 knife-armed fookers will use their right hand for knife handling and your safest place is to the outside of their left foot, hip to hip and hand to elbow. See the videos below for some potbellied illustrations.

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