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Western versus Eastern U.S. Babes
Crackpot Mailbox: Jesse James Yehah Wants to Know!

Fri, Mar 15, 12:05 AM (11 days ago)

to me

Thanks James

I don't know if you are in Portland now but I live in mini Portland an hour and a half south if you ever end up passing through let me know.

I have a question for you. What do you notice different between the crackers in Portland versus back in Baltimore? One thing I noticed in shitty east coast cities was that the white girls were a solid two points below the ones here. Have you seen anything like that? Is that the Polish Irish and English genes versus our Scandinavian German ones or something else? How about the behavior? We must seem like the ultimate clueless liberals here in our little bubble of homogeneity. We're like the smug hobbits in the shire unaware of the harsh reality of the rest of the world.

Anyways I just think it's so funny that's where you ended up, having spent most of my life here. I don't see you ever really fitting in.


Thanks for the invite, bro.

I will be back in Oregon next winter and will hopefully arrange a meet-up with you.

Jesse, overall, my impressions of wenchdom in the various zones is the same as yours and I believe the Nordic genes are the key, as the babes in the Mountain Zone, who filtered down through Great Lakes immigration centers in the late 1800s are the pick of the pussy litter, in personality and physical charms.

What contributes to the evil personalities of Eastern girls as that they are more attractive then the mixed-race and African girls they compete with for masculine attention but are keenly aware of how they stackup compared to elite wenches of their own race with whom they measure themselves against in their critical mind's eye, so carry a bitterness about them that, in my experience, even effects the taste of their sacred precinct, bearded men being keenly aware of this as the day wears on...

Another aspect is eastern sorting, whereby the slaves like me stay behind and the studs like Shayne and Ishmael move west, taking the best looking western Euro Littoral mutt babes with them. I once boxed a Mark LaFond from Illinois and I felt like a T-1000 duking it out with a T-3000 in some Terminator flick. I was definitely representing the shallow, stagnant end of the gene pool.

Another factor is the men, men in the mountains and on the west coast are less mean and less aggressive but no less masculine by race. Even the Bantu warriors out here in Portland, while punching above their weight criminally, are less prone to pure recreational violence than their eastern brethren.

People out here, I don't see as clueless in terms of their safe environment. In fact, since so many of them I have met fled here from elsewhere, maybe they have clues and came here as a safe place to stick their head in the sand. I do recommend that the Chinese invade Portland first as an easy coastal depot.

Back to important matters. The quality of the women in the places I have been has improved as one travels both north and west, because that is where the money goes as the elite flee from their own rampaging tropical pets, fouling one nest after another. Based on what I saw in the artsy area of Portland, where paleface pretty boys shared ice cream cones in public and where bantu individuals dominated every social circle they were part of, the only barrier to turning Portland into Baltimore is the logistical dilemma of importing 200,000 ebon breeders into this homosexual ghost population sink. Once that had been achieved, once you have 50,000 welfare mammas kicking out 5.5 anarcho-tyranny foot soldiers a piece, then the clueless will gain a clue and most likely submit or flee according to their nature.

In fact, once I have broken my current vow of celibacy, which is aiding me so much in the completion of ongoing books, I have no intention of taking on more eastern wenches, with any openings in the concubine train to be filled by western applicants.

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