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An Erased African American Hero
Holt Collier – Slave, Confederate soldier, Ninth Texas Calvary man, Outdoorsman, Cowboy, and Hunter

One of the most common crimes committed by the American Thought Police, is the erasure of every record of African American Confederate fighting men, who were among the best of the best, instead focusing on the African American Union Fighting Men who were true slave troopers and were among the worst of the worst, hardly ever doing well in battle, while their Confederate brothers kicked ass as equals alongside the best fighting men that pale America ever produced. The constant drumbeat that African men in America were never anything but victims and casualties, martyrs on some inverted cross, seems, to this reader, to be a crass attempt by the Yankee slave masters of this desiccated nation to maintain African American men as the chattel of the later day plantation of the mind. If you want to read about "black" men fighting "white" men on equal footing, than the place to start is with black Confederate warriors, not black Union soldiers.

Fri, Feb 22, 5:21 PM

Holt Collier, Black Confederate soldier, Master bear hunter,responsible for Prestident Theodore Roosevelt’s nickname “Teddy” –

Fri, Feb 22, 6:11 PM

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