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‘More Book Bans’
Crackpot Mailbox: Some Thoughts on Politicizing Cultural Preservation

“They just banned all of Greg’s books on Amazon.

“Politics is the weak link, I’m starting to see. Varg and you are right.

There is a boycott of Amazon, but that means I can’t get your books if I boycott.”

-The Leveler

The following is just my opinion, which should be ignored by any sane citizen of God’s Good Government.

As for boycotting platforms, I have only done that to a limited extent with Kindle as they defrauded me directly. I have not deleted titles, just stopped placing more on that platform. Many of our readers have called for me not to publish on amazon, which is a call for me not to publish in print, for there is currently no other method of print publication possible for a broke-ass yeti living behind a tarp in a garage. The many suggestions of alternate platforms have all turned out to cost hundreds of dollars per title, to yet be liable for deplatforming, and our unpaid preorders for banned books have never exceeded 3 copies. We can easily publish e-titles in various forms—even e-pubs now—but If you want a book that can’t be magnetically erased, the only way I can do it is by using the platform that hates me sometimes and tolerates me most times. When I publish through amazon, they get more gross than I do, but all of my gross is net, while that giant entity eats itself and the world at one time like the Worm Ouroboros on its backfire business model. Amazon is helping crash the world—a world I see as evil and deserving of doom—a real and present sweet meteor of death that I am happy to ride while I can.

Many will disagree, will say that cultural curators should become political leaders, that political players need to shout louder, get more guns, win municipal elections—fight the good fight until…until they lose. Any political solution to Western Civ’s moral pollution ends, either with the political players being neutralized by media or the deep state or, if true success is attained by unmasking the real holders of power, by death in the next version of the gulag. If you guys think that unmasking Oz will make him shrink timidly while his hands are yet on the levers of power and his voice is yet amplified by his machine, than you have never cornered a rat. That is why politics, the democratic dance of puppets arranged by the oligarchs, has been constructed in its current form, so that those with a chance to sustainably fight the culture war on the cultural level, can be—like Greg, a man who bought and published 2 of my articles and has done more to preserve a great cultural legacy than any man since Will Durant—marginalized away from publishing philosophy and history to dabble in advocacy and thus have all of his work in preserving the cultural counter current muddied in the swirling drain pattern current of absolute politics, politics being a game in which history, morality, philosophy and every other human quality is second to power, power being the currency of politics.

Every truth singer that gets crushed under the swallow-heel of the lie does us a favor by reminding us that politics are nothing but the pulse of power, that power has no culture, no morality, no purpose other than erasing those things that do not serve the advancement of social coercion.

The worship of government, of Civilization is, essentially, the worship of social coercion as an objective good, the worship of power as good for no other reason than it is able to work real and present evil in the name of some abstract and omnihesitant ideal, an ideal that will be replaced for no other reason than to move the ever lowering bar of human behavior, an illusive chimera which serves no purpose other than the prospect of its own change at the hands of some savior entity.

Just like urban gentrification and urban renewal, politics is nothing but the labor of fools counter to their own purpose, working to flip the moral real estate of the collective mind for the benefit of none of the contenders, but of the stake holders and interest bankers.

Beware the wisdom of branding yourself as a marketable commodity in such times, remembering that the brand of chattel as well as cattle does nothing to benefit the burned body carrying the mind trapped within the labelled meat-puppet.

The Mind of Mescaline Franklin

The Awakening of a Paleface Ethnocist

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Bryce SharperApril 4, 2019 3:55 PM UTC

Also, Amazon is undoing itself. Just to find quality, non-counterfeit products that work, I have to spend a lot of time searching. The reviews are saturated with counterfeiters warring each-other. You can't go to MegaChain Store to find what you need either. Niche markets and retailers are, consequently, finding opportunities. If only ThriftBooks had a publishing arm...

RooshV says a wave of internet censorship is coming. I think he's right. We'll all be using VPNs like in Red China pretty soon.
Bryce SharperApril 4, 2019 3:52 PM UTC

Remember that Socrates wrote the Republic as a way of saving Athens and they executed him for it. In times like ours, the just are reviled. We'll probably have to muddle through at least 200 years of bad government and 4th generation wars like Latin America and Africa.

The good news is that our financial Gallipoli is soon. My portfolio will get clobbered, but so will everyone else's:
Bryce SharperApril 2, 2019 2:02 PM UTC

ePubs and .pdf might be the way to go. RooshV's latest book is now an eBook having been banned by Amazon.

Most writers wrote as a side-gig because telling the truth doesn't sell books and neither does writing well.

Solzhenitsyn might but the ultimate modern example of a guy who fought the good fight as a writer and failed to alter the course of history. He warned us and we are headed down the same path. Decadent cultures are given over to judgment. Nothing can change it. In fact, it's a good thing because new cultures cannot sprout with the old, decadent ones in the way.

That said, I think working on a local level is what most new cultures have done, right?
responds:April 2, 2019 3:11 PM UTC

Yes, I think the death of the liberal, American prosperity cult is a chance for people to be human again and start anew.
FreemanApril 2, 2019 3:43 AM UTC

Maybe check out Castalia House?

They print a few Amazon banned books...
responds:April 2, 2019 3:10 PM UTC

Thank you for the recommendation.

The four books of mine which have been banned I have given to my editor, who has found various means of publishing them. Of late the censors have been leaving me alone. I think living in a truck driver's garage might have been what they had in mind for me...