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Who Runs Barter Town?
Crackpot Mailbox: News and Views with Riley, Shep, Bryce Sharper, John Paul Barber and Manny

Who run Bartertown?

Sun, Mar 31, 9:34 PM (2 days ago)

Don't know if you've been following this

Sun, Mar 31, 3:12 AM (2 days ago)

The Amish again?

To the victor belong the spoils

Sat, Mar 30, 7:09 PM (3 days ago)


Seattle is dying!

Sat, Mar 30, 11:18 PM (3 days ago)



Mon, Feb 25, 8:38 AM

Hey James,

I saw this video clip today of Gerald McClellan reacting to the news that Nigel Benn tried to commit suicide after their fight which left McClellan blind, 80% deaf, and with permanent brain damage. Pretty sad stuff. I thought you’d want to see it.

And here’s a link to their epic 1995 brawl for anyone interested:

-John Paul Barber

Sir, I still have no way of listening to the commentary. I can tell you, that as I got ready to seek a pro fight and was watching the pro that I fought the most like, Doug Dewitt of Youngstown Ohio, my wife and I watched Nigel Benn nearly kill him in the ring on TV and she was blubbering in tears over the prospect of me fighting a local welterweight version of Benn.

Supermarket defense


Sat, Mar 30, 8:24 PM (3 days ago)

I have a funny story to tell you about the local super duper market and this innocent jar of pasta sauce.

What do you think of these as defensive weapons?

So our overlords don’t get excited, no persons or jars of sauce were damaged in the event.

Oh fellow grocer of yore,

32 ounce pasta sauce will send glass fragments up to 48 feet if dropped from six feet.

I prefer 46 ounce cans of juice at close range and 14 ounce cans of paste, meet or condensed milk for medium range.

120unce jars of preserves and jellies are the best long range missiles on the shelf.


Jim's Blog

Thu, Mar 28, 10:44 PM (5 days ago)

This fellow strikes odd chords that somehow work.

Sent from Riley

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