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Trying Not To Be Too Big An Asshole
And Failing on Midnight Movie Cowboys

The following was done on my flip phone while I was too dizzy to get out of bed. I have no way of listening to it and hope it's good. I had just got done hitting the heavy bag for a few minutes and started to get dizzy and puke, so these guys really pulled me out of a funk and into a brighter night.

Thanks to John Grace, Hunter and Stu for promoting my dysfunction as art.

An Interview with James LaFond

Whats up troops? We're finally back with a new episode, and this one is a ripper of a show. For this one, we are joined by author and boxing aficionado James LaFond.

We discuss his books, his career, a lot of boxing, but overall we just shoot the breeze, and James is a great guy also.

We reckon you'll have fun with this one, if you wanna complain about this episode not being long enough, don't blame us, blame Stu's electrician (listen on, it'll make sense).


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