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‘A Far Broader Domain of Existence’
Physics Reforged: The New Theory of Parallel Universes, Hidden Dimensions, and the Fringes of Reality by Julian von Abele

2015 Julian von Abele, 207 pages, reading from pages iii-164

Thanks to Manny Soprano for the lending of this book.

As someone who never passed basic math and doesn’t know what algebra is, I was quite intimidated by this book and was put at ease by the author’s setting aside of pages 168 through 206 for actual big-brained readers who can understand the equations.

The 11 chapters of the basic book are written at a level which enabled me to get something from each, if not emerge with a full grasp of the concept. The illustrations were very useful. Each chapter has a summary of Essential Ideas on pages 12, 27, 46, 64, 74, 90, 109, 121, 133, 148, 164. 8 specific quotes jumped out from the text and begged to be the title of the review, much higher than I had expected.

As I read I felt like I had a firm grasp of String Theory, the Euclidian Norm, the Manhattan Norm, the Concept of Number and the Trajectory of Generalization, but two weeks since, I find myself drooling and glassy-eyed as I ransack my damaged brain for a mere definition of each.

What is clear is the theory of multi-universes, which diagrammed effectively on page 119 places our universe in a specific quadrant of the multiverse.

I do have 5 questions scrawled in the margins of this book, which I would ask the author if we met:

Page 20: Do electrons have objectives?

Page 21: Is the collapsing of space in this example related to the collapsing of space via proximity in combat?

Page 25: Could the concept of super position be related to the Roman idea of a metaphysical overlay which only linked the divine and the temporal world at multidimensional events such as battles, sacrifices and celestial alignments?

One may see that I struggled through the mid portion of the book as I could not even offer a question again until…

Page 145: The possibility of connected universes suggests a validation of Jorjani’s philosophical and anecdotal-based theory of demonic dimensions. Any thoughts on his work in Prometheus and Atlas?

Page 160: Does this mean that our universe must increase in particle density?

I would close in recommending this book to non-science literate speculative-fiction authors like myself and leaving the reader with a handful of quotes by Mister Abele.

“Without understanding quantum mechanics, engineers would never have been able to predict the behavior of electrons passing through semiconductors, and therefore would probably not have invented the field-effect transistor.”

“Thus, all the directions towards infinity we really need to specify are in the lower half of the complex plane…”

“By merely generalizing the mathematics of particle physics to a new realm, the QCI hypothesis predicts the existence of such a vast and hidden cosmic stage.”

Overall, understanding wave function and the double slit experiment might be all I got out of Physics Reforged. QCI (quantum complintegrodynamics) theory still largely eludes me while not reading its explanation, but, book-in-hand, I feel confident that I could at least discuss the subject.

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