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‘Human Applesauce’
McNamara’s Folly: The Use of Low-IQ Troops in the Vietnam War by Hamilton Gregory

Plus the Induction of Unfit Men, Criminals and Misfits

2015, Infinity Publishing, 251 pages

A man that flunks out of a community college gets indicted as an officer candidate and then manages to put a stake into the cause of his own army singlehandedly when he conducts the infamous My Lai massacre.

A Hells Angel MC punk chain whips a trucker and is given a choice by a judge to go to Vietnam instead and he does, becoming a Special Forces interrogator where he electrocutes Vietnamese civilians.

A sergeant leads a patrol against the enemy with no bolt in his weapon.

Recruits begin basic training unable to tie their shoes, read, write, make change for a dollar, understand the difference between their right and left hands, with severe physical disabilities, with Down syndrome and are put on the fast track to combat in Vietnam all to curry favor with middle class voters who are scrambling to get their sons draft exemptions.

These men were part of a program to fill the ranks of a losing army in a losing war with natural born losers. They were more likely to be assigned combat roles, three times more likely to die and ten times more likely to go insane. It is no accident that the unrepentant fiend, James McNamara, moved from his Pentagon post to become president of the World Bank, a promotion under the ZOG hegemony if ever there was one, a reward for certain.

The author of the book is a bleeding heart liberal who actually volunteered to fight in the giant goat-fuck called the Vietnam War, seems to believe that government is all about helping the citizen, despite the gross documentation he martials to the contrary and is unable to draw a connection between the fact that the Iraqi and Afghan wars have also been staffed under “moral waivers” and other bean-counting slights of hand with substandard, criminal and low-IQ troops to lessen political impact of casualties at home. The idea that the Nation State is an internal, top-down predation matrix never occurs to this fortunate son.

The connections the author draws to Plantation America are strong and consistent, pointing out that about 10,000 U.S. citizens were abducted and forced into service for the British Navy. He perhaps, does not know, that some of these men, having mutinied and escaped the clutches of that enemy nation, were repatriated by the U.S. Government under George Washington to be hanged! He does state that those who resisted abduction could be legally hanged and draws fair comparisons to the draft system in place in the 1960s, in which the poor were not only targeted for conscription [government abduction and military slavery] but were also the target of recruitment campaigns in which they were lied to and told that since they were going to be drafted anyhow, they could avoid combat by signing up for 3 years instead of the draftee’s two year stint. Yep, they gave these men guns and put them in combat at higher rates than anyone else.

The truly amazing statistics were those for AWOL and desertion, with three infantry divisions worth of men on the lamb from their units at any given time.

Of course, the officers and NCOs in the military saddled with a 100,000 retards per year resented them and abused them, killing them in numerous documented instances in basic training and routinely robbed them. The author came within hours of dying from heat stroke due to a sadistic captain. That captain was a true servant of the System, for if he had succeeded in killing this recruit via heatstroke, this book would not have been written. The author himself was robbed while in a training detachment [for his physical limitations, where 8 in 10 of his mates were there for retardation and the odd one some kind of kook or criminal] as were the mentally deficient men, until a National Guard lawyer ended up in the unit and shut the NCO graft down. This brings us to the most common parallels between Plantation America’s servants and Free Love America’s retarded slave soldiers:

-Zero to marginal literacy made it legal to lie to these people as they could be told they were signing one thing and be signing something quite different by the authority figure who was fleecing them, so it would look to future generations that these men had volunteered, when in fact they had been threatened, lied to and lured into fraudulent contracts

-Having been threatened, lied to and cheated then put into a line of work more than 10 times more dangerous than being a police officer in America’s deadliest city, they were verbally humiliated, tormented and beaten to the point where their sanity either broke or they broke and ran, with one guy at the Presidio in California even requesting that a guard shoot him in the head. The guard shot him dead, though through the back.

-Some of these men turned, heroically, on their superiors and “fragged” them. Although the author is pro-military and strongly believes that a nation should risk and even lose “the flower of a nation’s youth” [yes, reread that] in war I was pumping my fist in my non-regulation white trash bunk when I read that almost 800 slave-driving fiends in service to Uncle Sam had been killed by their men in Vietnam—Yes! France lost the flower of its youth in WWI and now their great grandsons are living in Syria Below the Rhine.

-This brings us to the strongest parallel with Plantation America, those inducted to serve against their will and by threat and trickery, tended to be poor “redneck whites” from Appalachia and blacks from all around, but preferably from inner city ghettos. Surveys of the time show that the college students of elite and middle class men, especially those who rose to power as politicians and now sit on military committees and have done much to block the giving of pensions to these men, who tended to be defrauded of their discharge status, regarded the poor men dying in that distant land as nothing but “suckers,” in other words, “slaves.”

When the forests of the Eastern U.S. were cleared by starving street urchins and malnourished orphans, most of whom died in their labors and the credit was then given to African POWs, how can we be surprised that our global Forever War is fed with the weakest whenever possible? Documented within this heart-rending book are cases of armed services recruiters actually going to mental hospitals to pick up recruits and paying “ringers” to take their tests for them!

To be accurate, there were numerous officers who were appalled by this practice and did what they could to safeguard the mentally handicapped men sent into combat, by placing them in rear areas or otherwise looking out for them. This reminds me of The Colonel, a man who has guided me in various states in the west and was once a high-ranking Army officer. He told me one story about being a captain in around 1980 I think in West Germany, and discovering that they had one “hillbilly guy” that had obviously been targeted by recruiters, could not read or write and was physically deficient from apparently being malnourished in childhood. Once this man was brought to his attention, my friend told me, “I looked to his medical needs, got him fed so his body weight was normal, got his teeth fixed—which were just a godawful mess—recommended him for an honorable discharge and shipped him home.”

In contrast to this act of honorable compassion, [what is a warrior but a man who protects the less fit members of his society?] slightly more than half of “McNamara’s Morons” were given less-than-honorable discharges, which was a curse in the home job market and left most of those who survived, which was most, with worse than normal PTSD and worse job prospects than if they had never joined the army or marines to learn a trade skill, which was how the program was promoted, as a trade school experience in the armed services.

Over and over again uniformed officers recommended these men for veteran’s benefits only to be vetoed by civilian overseers who had been hiding on campus during the war!

If you want to see what America’s is really all about read McNamara’s Folly without the author’s rose-tinted glasses. This reader believes that this program and the entire war effort, was in part, a successful attempt to destroy the morale and moral fiber of the U.S. Armed Forces, so that the National Army that won two world wars could be remodeled into a professional pseudo-mercenary force that would willingly fight the high tech dirty wars of the dystopian future…which is now.

Sited Source, Required to Finish American Spartacus

Jack Tar’s Story: Autobiographies and Memoirs of Sailors in Antebellum America, 2010, Cambridge University Press

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JJ PrzybylskiMay 1, 2019 2:30 AM UTC

Great post. I've been waiting almost 50 years for it. When I got outta high school I visited a pal on an army base in Germany. He had been forced to enlist after getting busted with LSD outside a faux-Woodstock Festival in Michigan. We smoked Moroccan hash, mixed with menthol cigarette tobacco, in the barracks.

Meanwhile, I had to accompany a squirrelly private around the base, because some black soldiers were looking to kick his ass for sleeping through guard duty, and forcing a "brother" to work a double-shift as a sentry. The logic: the blacks wouldn't attack with a civilian present.

Not too long beforehand, a gang of blacks had attacked a "racist" martial arts expert and a generals son. He was held-down while a black medic had surgically cut and maimed his tendons, so that he could never-ever make a fist again.

Meanwhile, my hometown pal and his clique of soldiers had an illegal apartment in Fulda. Where a white-caucasian medic sold morphine to the local German whores. I mean very nasty German whores whose good Aryan genes were mixed with a junkie's venom. The off-duty soldiers mainlined morphine in the living room while ranting against officers, Nazis, blacks and you-name-it. I was offered a hit by a certified US Army Medic who'd handle the dosage and syringe. I declined. I knew that I meant nothing to these army "pals" and that if I over-dosed, I'd end up in a dumpster.
responds:May 6, 2019 11:46 AM UTC

Thanks for sharing your experience in Hell's antechamber JJ.
JoeFourApril 13, 2019 3:09 PM UTC

A depressing but absolutely outstanding post! Thank you, James!
responds:April 20, 2019 4:08 PM UTC

I alternately laughed and gawked I dismay.

Imagine going to war with a retard holding a machine gun next to you.
Ruben ChandlerApril 13, 2019 6:53 AM UTC

Right on! My father was no brain trust and he went. He was kind of a happy go lucky sort of retard when he went. He was a dark fucking angry son of a bitch when he came home. He loaded the guns on C130 gunships providing close airport to spec ops forces. He was in a spec ops air force unit out of Hurlburt Field later on. He got busted at age 17, had to go in or go to knocked up my mom. We lived in a car the first few months after I was born. My father was from Stockton, California. He was Irish but was an honorary Pachuco. Had a DA, bangs down to his chest. Not teeth hardly. They cleaned him up, stuffed some false teeth in his face, and put him to work. He did a year on a nuclear waste covered atoll and died of cancer from it about three years ago. I haven't cried, nor do I miss him. I saw him only a few times in my life.
responds:April 20, 2019 4:10 PM UTC

Every time I think this world is a field of promise real people pull my back to my addled senses.

Thanks, Ruben.
ShepApril 13, 2019 12:54 AM UTC

McNamara sux cox in hell.
responds:April 20, 2019 4:12 PM UTC

Hopefully Admiral Halsey has enlisted him in rekilling Japs in Hell and put his sissy ass on the front line.