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Wild Stevedore Jackson
Crackpot Podcast - 54

Okay, I barely recall this episode as I was channeling Stevedore after being up drinking with Yeti Waters. I have not listened to this—I caint! But Lynn did tell me that she deleted advice given by Stevedore to Manny Soprano, that he should take a page out of the book of the Baltimore County Eastern District Police Precinct and beat his strippers with a telephone book to avoid bruising. Sorry, Lynn, my sister by another mother, I had no idea you were so concerned with the well being of phone books.

Hello friends,

James and I talked a few weeks ago on his cell phone again. The sound quality on his end is not great here, but we will try a headset with his cell phone next time we tape. James did get a little wild, with Stevedore Jackson making some interjections!

The Crackpot Podcast features hermit writer James LaFond and alleged human being Lynn Lockhart.

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