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After Da Risin'
Yeti Waters News of Baltimore and More

You Bes' Get in Yo Macheeene

Yo Be Leekin'

This chick is straight out of one of my nightmares. Except, in my nightmare she’s saying “GIMME THAT DICK!!!”

God, Christ, damn.

Gibme Dem Boots!

James and I listened to this while Stevedore drank our beer last Saturday night.

How to Destroy the Caucasian Mind - Farrakhan Explains!

Sun, Apr 7, 7:22 AM (5 days ago)

T. Spoone Slickens, Inquire

Right on White Time: The Black Spring Manual for Reparations Recover Agents with Justin W. R. Justice and T. Spoone Slickens

The GQ Mugging Inquest: A Study in Masculine Culture

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