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Dialogue with a Slave Girl
Tackling the Paleface versus Whiteman Question

“You know that all women—okay, almost all women—want one thing above all, to be dominated. This is why letting them vote is the death of a free society.”

-Manny Soprano, Strip Club Owner

On the backside of the sheet of pain that has been the last few days, I vaguely recall writing an article based on a conversation with Ajay over her fears, that my enslavement of Stevedore Jackson—not by purchase but by conquest, as I took his lucky rabbit’s foot in open battle with his robbers—might be a betrayal of her, as, when Trump was elected and she asked me to buy her if slavery was brought back, I had answered yes. I was reminded of these things when going through my text messages and finding the following left by my Cinnamon Cherub:

From Ajay: “I recall that phone conversation Raspberry Sherbet well. I’m your comfort slave, not your writing slave. So, I guess I can’t be afraid of being replaced. However, with your $1 story ‘A WHITE MAN’S $1’, you could be jeopardizing Stevedore’s and my protection if you keep telling people you are a Pale Face and not a white man. Being a white man is the unspoken currency of the world. You have access to so much. Maybe I’ve just drunken too many jagermeister shots and haven’t been culturally appropriated enough. I know that my mindset would get me lynched by my own people. Save me James!”

Postscript Text: “I think I used the wrong meaning of cultural appropriation. Oh well, I guess you’ll have to discipline me, Daddy!”

My aversion to entering into slave-owning seems to have been well-founded. No sooner does someone become your property than they are making all kinds of demands, as if your car could insist on being waxed before being driven to work.

The following concept of woke deviltry is explored in detail in Woke Devil, one of my upcoming books. Let me encapsulate it here.

When someone wants a supermarket run, an oil rig built a skyscraper raised, etc., they want a “white” man, for the very clear reasons that:

-1. “White” men have built more things than all other types of men combined

-2. Because they have had the connections for the past 500 years to get stuff done hitherto thought to be impossible

-3. Because “white” men have slaughtered more men, and toppled more governments in wars than all other types of men combined by a clear margin.

What the above has meant, for the past couple hundred years, was that the so-called “Whiteman” not a race, but an idea of indistinct purity of purpose carried a heavy mojo, even being regarded as magical by many folk—that is except for the second-place finisher in the slaughter sweepstakes, the “Yellow Man” who has wisely been biding his time in second place, waiting for the ancient curse of hubris to fell the so-called “white” races from within.

Internally, this has nearly come to pass.

Where a “white” man on safari in Africa a hundred years ago would be treated like a king, helpless to defend himself though he may be, a “white” man in Baltimore City, Detroit and a dozen other shithole American cities, cannot walk from one end of his home town to the other without being accosted by savages, unless he is some latter day Conan like Big Ron or a Woke Devil like myself.

Woke Deviltry is essentially the art of being a pale face, a white Indian, or a “white nigger,” as I have often been referred to, with the ability to be a “white” man among sissies and women and flash blacula fangs at the lower orders when they get out of line. My entire survival in Baltimore depended deeply upon the bedrock fact that once those homeboys who forever hunted me, scratched the surface of my person, they discovered something nastier than they underneath.

Ajay, in the time of our fathers, a “white” man was protected by the white heat of law enforcement that his prospective attackers imagined coming down on their heads after they did him. However, in our time, the “white” man on the street is universally regarded as a weakling and a target—and guilty of horrible legacy crimes to boot [see #3 above]—unless he is found to be a feral paleface, a woke devil if you will.

Let’s reach out to that ultimate whitebread organization for some proof. In 2013, before negroes started rioting across the nation, the FBI determined that the African American population, which numbers 13%, accounts for 56% of homicides nationwide.

Little girl, if the Whiteman was all that, we’d be accounting for 99% of homicides nationwide like we did in 1860. Possibly the greatest shame of my erstwhile race was that within 60 years of killing 20 million people, nuking and firebombing Japs to hell at 100K per day, we can’t even wield the devil hand in our own nation, but have elevated the so-called “Black” man to a paragon of violence.

Yes, my Chocolate Drop, we need to delve deeper still.

In the late 1800s, a battalion [about 500 criminals] of the French Foreign Legion defeated a Chinese army of 25,000 strong, with both sides using firearms. This happened in what we now call Vietnam. The last time I checked modern Americans with, napalm, Agent Orange and B-52s couldn’t do that.

Now, last week in fact, The President of the United States, admitted that he is powerless to keep invaders from steaming across his southern borders, his hands tied by the sissy minions of congress. Yet, at the very same time, the Chinese flew in ten strong companies of soldiers into Venezuella [I tried spelling this 7 ways, sorry] to safeguard their economic interests.

The “Whiteman” in his every teetering nation, does not even have the will to keep unwanted invaders beyond his borders. Yet the nation that the Whiteman addicted to Opium and raped for over a hundred years has awakened from its slumber and is projecting military power into the Caribbean, a clear and specific violation of the Monroe Doctrine, which was originally enforced by perhaps a dozen wooden ships of a third rate navy. Today, the U.S. has greater naval power than all previous and current navies combined, yet cannot stop drug shipments aimed at its citizens any better than the Chinese could stop British opium in the 1800s.

Since you are an NFL fan, Ajay, let’s talk sports.

When a team falters and does poorly the head that roll’s is that of the coach. The “management” takes the blame for any failed economic attempt on the part of the shareholders, and what is “white” society other than a managerial view of the world? “Whites” have no shared culture or religion beyond making money and living in civic ease, protected from enemies without and within not by their men but by the specter of their collective machinations, their Will, which was once awesome and is now nearly nonexistent. Now that Western Civilization is clearly in decline, the “Whiteman” like the CEO of a failed company or the coach of a losing team is nothing but falling currency in a society where only currency matters.

A race that is reduced or amalgamated into an indistinct, nonviolent society, dedicated to making money and hoarding wealth and living in ostentatious ease, is nothing other than a prize herd being fattened for some other race’s feast.

So, Little Girl, to be a “Whiteman” without money is to be less than nothing as the only thing distinct about “white” society is its wealth. So, like the time when those three rednecks were menacing you at the diner and I terrorized the one in the parking lot as punishment, it’s the Pale Face that holds up under violent stress, the echo of the men who conquered the world, not the sissy Whiteman clinging to the idea of his $1300 gun that is home in his locker because his master won’t let him take it out for a walk. I promise to play the inoffensive Whiteman when we are out and about, so that the other negresses will pout sullen and jealous. But when actual danger calls, you need you a Pale Face, Baby.

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