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World in Peril
Crackpot Mailbox: Baruch, Riley, Shep and Mister Bob

Dear Mr. Lafond,

I've not yet seen it, but this might be worth your while. Same director as Bone Tomahawk.



"Sentenced for affray"

Sun, Apr 7, 7:26 PM (5 days ago)


Spring, and free souls swarm in the balmy airs. So sick of busting Winter hangnails clearing jams in the sub-ice breezes.


They never leave the kids alone...

Sent from Riley

Your wishes may be closer than you think.

Look at this thing I've dug up.

The poles are now about 500km apart and converging at 40 km per year...and that's speeding up.



Thought Crimes: Capital



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Ruben ChandlerApril 13, 2019 6:20 AM UTC

Dragged looks interesting. I'll have to check it out. I lived in Malibu quite a while & worked out there too. The bar Gibson was arrested in, I considered my office, Moonshadows. I was there for one of his drunken tirades when LAPD took him away. I lived in a shack on the creek next door to Nick Nolte. Most of the time he looked like his arrest photo. I would hear the craziest shit from his place at night. Young guys demanding to go home, screaming, running down the road nude. Lou Gosset Jr. lived on the other side of Nolte. Fucking really cool guy. Very laid back. Very mellow. Pam Anderson I saw all the time. Martin Sheen. Susan Dey. Mick Jagger once. I drank beer every afternoon with Gary Busey and Mickey Rourke. We'd sit on Gary's car and talk shit until dark, or closing time in the summer. Rod Stewart was a jerk. Whoopi was very cool. Pierce Brosnan was a mensch. Nuff said. But Mel.....what a loser drunk some times......except when he went crazy at the bar about the jews killing his savior. that was priceless publicity.
responds:April 20, 2019 4:11 PM UTC