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Greetings James,
Crackpot Mail Box: Dialogue with an Artist

We certainly do share a few parallels. Such as an appreciation for knowledge or fields of endeavor of substance. That is why I appreciate your sharing my site on your blog.

Speaking of which, I was hoping I could share with you an advanced preview of a work of art to adorn my client’s latest book cover. Please find attached to this email a minute and a half audio/video presentation where I pan and zoom over said nearly completed artwork.

Please feel free to SHOW the art however you like! However, neither the client nor myself have made it publicly available.

I have a "how to/making of" video in post production that I plan to release VERY soon. Many many thanks!

Your recent articles sort of answered the question I sent to you some time ago. Your point about Barbarism = Masculine Aspect and Civilization + Feminine Aspect.

Begs the questions, WHY has it been or is so challenging to strike a healthy balance? Is it the size? The quantity of people bound together in Empire? or?

Among other things, if I can offer a counter point to your use of the word "dissident" Be sure to look into that, from a Legal-ease standpoint. From what I understand, under the Beast System, if you use that word, it paints you in their eyes as a target for condemnation, WHY is this, because from their perspective you are either a part of said system, via your Citizenship, or you’re not. To dissent, would be to protest yet remain, and thereto suffer the consequences. In your case, being a 14th amendment U S Citizen it would be all that is attached to that status in Article 50 of the US constitution. Which leads into the Libor Code and the Civil War, and how these wars NEVER END. They (almost) never end. I'll just halt that stream of consciousness semi-rant right there. Hopefully at least I have offered another perspective on such a word. Although I certainly appreciate the sentiment behind your use of it.

On the topic of words, specifically words that begin with "dis" LOL

Your dis-section of the City of Baltimore's societal path sure has been a different education of sorts. I hope with the recent cut to Public Service workers pensions (Including Po-Po) in THIS city doesn't lead to the same occurrence unfolding here.

I fear the worst, yet hope it doesn't lead to corruption and various parties trying to supplement their income with illicit drug sales via proxy ebon urban oppressed youth warriors to which their seemingly disenfranchised numbers seem to be increasing in these parts.

The whole scenario, including all those involved, makes for a sad condition to my mind.

Just my anecdotal observations.

Warmest regards,


PS: There is this online podcast called Behind the woodshed" that the host suggested this ENCRYPTED email service "Proton-mail" Something you may want to consider for your internet personal autonomy.


As for the proton mail. Many folks have suggested it and I communicate with about a dozen who use it. My problem is the inability to make an email account. I have never been able to do it, can never seem to prove I am not a computer and at the same time remember codes and such. I can’t remember number sequences for one. I only know one phone number, because I called it very Wednesday for 5 years reading it off a card and it finally stuck. I even have 2 email accounts I can no longer access out there and one shared one I have forgotten how to access.

I am not able to show graphics on this site, but can describe something of your latest work: a man suited after the early 20th century English stile, in a reading chair in what might be a study. The man has a black derby hat but no head and in his open palms he holds a red pill in one and a blue pill in the other. I like it.

As to your point on the pitfalls of labeling oneself with the word dissident, I agree and will dissent from doing so. It seems especially obvious now that there is only one form of dissent and that being on the cultural right. There can be no political right in a democracy so I see the only form of real dissent as culturally right and any political movement clothed in this as being a 5th column of the System [which is purely political and erases all organic culture] into the remaining human conscience.

I never saw my Harm City work as important to anyone but myself, as it was the means by which I used naturally occurring subject matter from my own life to practice the craft of writing. It wasn’t until 2014 that I got an inkling that I had been charting the internal fall of Western Civilization. I’m glad you found some value there, Craig. The trends I noted there I have seen at various stages everywhere I have travelled in the U.S. in the past three years. However, unless the Feds can figure out a way to boost the ebony population a lot [from 13% up to 45% nationwide] there won’t be a more than two dozen Harm Cities on the American map.

When we think about Civilization, many of its values that we assume are Civilized values turn out to be barbaric. I will give two examples:

Child care, or compassion for children and not beating them and raping them, is something that is natural to every primitive society outside of Australasia. Child abuse is literally the first child of civilization and is only now, recently, in the past 20-30 years, become a concern among Civilized people.

Honor, is strictly a holdover from barbaric communities, yet it served to bind together civilized authority figures in cooperative agreement and truce. It’s eradication, slowly and by stages over five millennia is almost at an end and I suspect will herald the fall of this civilization into savagery, not barbarism, for barbarism rises from savagery in opposition to Civilization. Feudal systems, which we are told to laugh at, are honor-bound systems and when one looks at the High Middle Ages and Pre-Modern Japan, one does a lot of admiring for the things attained. There is a balance point between the two, such as the Achaeans of the Iliad, the Persia of Cyrus, the early Roman Republic and Christian England under the Anglo-Saxon Kings. But life moves and balance points never hold, but are revisited ever so briefly as the pendulum of strife swings.

The problem is that might is required to preserve society, but when might becomes right, society becomes a pyramidal hunting ground, in which the mighty prey on the weak and the lowly prey on the meek. Chief in any sustainable honor code is the bond of an oath, which is the first thing eroded by the mighty economy of the merchant’s managerial mind. Economic might, based on the subversion of moral right, is the paradigm we live under, where the cheat is king. This erosion of honor is the catalyst in the downfall of civilization, as seen by the Roman Empire in which a ruler reigned for but a few years. Ironically, our system is set up to discourage a ruler from becoming wedded to the well-being of his people by rotating him out of office at a rate that traditional nations only saw in times of civil war and societal collapse.

It was not for nothing that Tolkien crowned his literary masterpiece with a volume titled The Return of the King and that Robert E. Howard created the Conan the Barbarian character with a vision of an aging Barbarian king sitting the throne of a rotten civilization, because kingship is nothing but the elevation of a chieftain above more than one tribe, an essentially barbaric principal without which civilized humans seem incapable of living in decency.

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