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From the World of Dogged Delusion
A Police Take Down on Twitter Serves as a Surreal Marker

Viewing the video below, as police aggressors advanced on armed defenders, one can see the critical distortion of reality caused by government rightthink, a delusionary spiral which could get a man killed if he believed it entirely.

Even though the police are in every way the aggressors here, they are billed and think of themselves as a defending force on a behavioral and mechanical level. The police tweeter seems deluded by good guy bad guy think and doesn't know what defense and offense is, a clear sign that police mindset is doomed to failure whenever it meets warrior mind set.

In the video linked below you will see a brandishing defender, ritually threatening the police if they should attack him, and this attack may very well be for the good but it has to be labelled a defense, even though it is not in order to illicit proper feminine empathy from the sissy world. This is a perfect attack of a man using an edged defensive weapon poorly by a judo man. I would have beheaded this officer, by feinting that big stroke and then short stroking his neck.

That said, the unarmed offense against the armed defense was perfect, even if the alpha male taking down the skinny was cut. But, in our sissy world, being cut while taking down an armed man is thought to be an unrealistic price to pay for victory.

Hurray for the ebony warrior and in the next breath, a sigh of dismay that I share genetic material with the twitter pig whose kind will never win another war until they jettison the sissy baggage they were unweened to.

Lynn Lockhart Sun, Apr 14, 8:23 PM (6 days ago)

Appended by Judo Reader:

The throw is called ippon-seoinage, the groundwork is just plain ol’ sweet.


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