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Between the Big Man and the Car
Crackpot Mailbox: Places To Be and Not to Be This Week

I'm riding the rails tomorrow and won't be online for a week or so. Before I roll out tomorrow I'll put up ten articles. But this is the last news/crackpot mailbox post for probably two weeks.

Thank you all so much for your support while I've been writing in Weak Devil City.

Two spears up?

Fri, Apr 26, 7:52 PM (21 hours ago)


I just rewatched The Island. I didn't know until today that the lead was a former rock star in Russia and is now a monk. While rewatching it I wondered how this guy with messed up teeth could be such a good actor. It reminds me of the acting in The Rider where all the characters played themselves. Will a barbarian give this movie 2 spears up? Here is the full movie.


Hipsters vs Machete Gangers

Wed, Apr 24, 10:31 AM (2 days ago)

That is the stuff i wanna see more of.

"Gangland standoff in Hyde Park: Thugs chase each other with huge blades and shattered glass following 420 rally amid another weekend of bloodshed in London"

Some hipsters gathering to smoke the reefer and then the madness enters with long blades. I wanna see these dumb middle class paleface consumer monkeys get rwanda'd by the consequences of their egalitarian bullshit ideologie. Every bullshit urbanide event gathering will be made impossible by diversity and the feminized attitudes of the people who wanna gather there and who are no match for the savages that just, you know, want a better life and who wanna live in your house and pretend to be you like some fucking reverse goldylocks tale.

Except for the renessaince festivals maybee where people wear armor and carry melee utensilia.

This will be like in "Dies the Fire".

-Teutonic Fist

I laughed me arse off...

Fri, Apr 26, 4:13 PM (1 day ago)

...watchin' the Stevedore and the dog!

Sent from Riley

Bruce Cockburn - Mary Had a Baby - YouTube

A Tale of Two Shities: Portland and San Franciso - American Digest

Wed, Apr 24, 8:37 PM (2 days ago)

The people keep a'coming, but the train done gone. Why Mary had that baby.

Sent from Riley

Book Recs

hitler discovers the internet

Thu, Apr 25, 8:14 AM (1 day ago)



Thu, Apr 25, 5:38 PM (22 hours ago)


Shep, Baltimore will be the first major American city to go the way of Camden and be administered directly by the feds.

Stay down an’ rest my nigga!

Thu, Apr 25, 10:25 PM (17 hours ago)

Nice Sasquatch move there.

-Yeti Waters

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