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Church Burnings
The Teutonic Fist and James Discuss Germanic Vilification
Thu, Apr 18, 3:28 AM (5 days ago)
You know, when I saw that morning on the daily mail that Notre Dame was on fire I was doing the Varg and that means laughing at a burning church. Because what the fuck do I care?
If anything good riddance that thing is done for now because all the French do today is hiding their own mediocrity behind the facade of these old buildings that probably extended the Middle Ages for a hundred years because of all the resources they swallowed up for some dumb papist prestige project like the tomb of a pharaoh or something.
And when it comes to French papists, from the German view that means people like Cardinal Richelieu [1] who conspired first with the Danes, then with the Swedes against the German Empire and prolonged the war until it lasted 30 years and basically turned it into a genocide. So fuck them. Either history means something or it means nothing, in which case nobody cares about an old church in the first place. These fucking buildings didn't do anything to prevent the current shitshow or more likely the egalitarian and inclusive message of Christianity created them in the first place.
Hey why don't they sell the burned timber as reliques to pay for the damage that’s how they financed the building in the first place? At least these reliques would be authentic unlike the shit they stored there.
Burn it all. Burn the church, the fake reliques, the gargoyles, the hunchback and the fucking Parisians with them. I hope the Louvre burns next.
-Teutonic Fist
My young German friend, as best as I can discover I am roughly:
-25% German Rhine Land Catholic, my ancestors displaced by various French despots,
-25% Irish Catholic, trafficked by English slavers,
-50% English orphan, trafficked by English slavers to French Canadian slave masters.
LaFond is my Frog slave name, bro!
European history, as taught in Anglo-American books generally depicts the Thirty Years War as a German spasm of arrested political development, rather than a case of the French Crown and its Jesuit masterminds making sure that religious warfare was conducted north and east of the Rhine as much as possible, even encouraging French Protestants to homestead in Florida where the Spaniards could slaughter them without coming over the Pyrrennes!
In terms of racial Hegemony, the Thirty Years War [1618-48], by the manner of its conduct and places of primary operation, put your homeland at a severe disadvantage in forming a nation, as first the Sun King [circa 1690s] and then Napoleon [1795-1815] did what they could to continue the policies of Cardinal Richelieu, [1] with the only nod to his Henry Kissinger-like skullduggery coming from movie adaptations of Dumas’ Three Musketeers, in which he is usually characterized as diabolic. If not for Scarnhorst and Bismarch WWI would have looked like a scramble for Aryan Africa and WWII would have been fought against the Russians instead of the Germans, I think.
Please, however, let’s not forget that the Swedish, who fielded the best man-for-man army of the war, and were protestant super soldiers under The Lion of the North, forced German peasants to drink sewage and that Germany was fairly well used, by all of the major players, from the Hapsburgs [Spanish and Austrian], the Swedish Crown, Richelieu the Jesuit Gnome Master, Wallenstien the Master of Mercenaries and the British Crown and the Dutch Bankocracy, as a place to kill each other’s toy soldiers on someone else’s cropland and a source of ready slaves, with as many as a half a million Germans trafficked into Plantation America from 1681 to 1838, placing Germans alone at greater slave numbers than Africans in English North America.
The real genius here, is how the Anglo-American elite have convinced the descendants of the German American labor force, that Germans [who inhabit an invasion corridor rather than fortress islands] somehow managed to be the bad guys in every war from A.D. 9 through 1945! I suppose, in the infant American mind, military bad guys always start out surrounded by superior numbers of larger nations, just like the “bad guys” on Cops and Live PD generally start out surrounded by larger and more heavily armed aggressors.
Hell, in the Dark Ages your people had Charlemagne to the West and South, beheading their chiefs for not converting to Christianity, Vikings hitting the Baltic beaches in the North and Magyars riding in from the East for fresh slave girls—hmm, I think I see a pattern…
On the upside, Sir, your race has been feared for over 2,000 years. That’s much more than my mongrel nation’s 200 years of casting a dire shadow across the world stage.
Congratulations, for in this world, the highest compliment is hatred.
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Jeremy BenthamMay 5, 2019 7:43 AM UTC

“Men rise from one ambition to another: first, they seek to secure themselves against attack, and then they attack others.”

-Niccolo Machiavelli, “the Prince” 1513

“But France's powerful armies, and a very large number of fortresses, ensure that the French Sovereign will possess the throne forever, and they do not have anything to fear now concerning internal wars or their neighbors invading France.”

― Frederick the Great, “Anti-Machiavel” 1740

Yes, most Americans are under the misapprehension that Germany had a penchant for invading France. Whereas the actual record of the past millennium is that France invaded Germany many more times than Germany invaded France. That which we call Germany today was a fragmented collection of small independent states for much of its history and scarcely in a position to threaten a unified country with a large population like France. So from a German point of view the last three wars between France and a newly unified Germany were merely payback for past French aggressions. France was THE major military power in Europe for most of that time, the one everyone else emulated in military matters, not Germany. Keep in mind that overwhelming majority of the military terms in our English language are French in origin. So given the history of that part of the world, the past militarism of Germany is entirely understandable if not always appreciated.

As far as the Anglo-Americans convincing the ‘German American Labor Force’ of German militarism, they didn’t have to. The German immigrants to America were well aware that the rulers of Germany were militarists because they had experienced that militarism first-hand themselves. The American Midwest is populated with the descendants of German draft-dodgers. They now constitute the second largest ethnic group in the USA behind the Anglo-Saxons, the descendants of the original English colonists. Those German ancestors left their homeland in the mid-19th Century to escape being forced to serve in the interminable wars in Europe. A number of these German emigres were liberals who found themselves on the wrong side of politics at the conclusion of the 1848 Revolution. One of the things these liberal-minded Germans objected to was being forced to fight other Germans who happened to live in a separate principality merely because the rulers of said polities had a dispute. Like American humorist Will Rogers observed, “You can be killed just as dead in an unjustified war as you can in one protecting your own home." Apparently the emigres felt they would be better able to pick and choose what wars they wanted to fight in as a resident of the USA. Whether you believe that or not, in any event some of the most passionate Nazi haters serving in the U. S. Forces during World War II were Germans (and not Jews either). Often internecine squabbles can be the most vindictive because the grievances that arise from them are deeply personal. What happened with the Third Reich way back when has little to nothing to do with what’s happening today. Unfortunately though the liberal American 'Volksdeutsche' have been duped by the Globalist Left into supporting their own extinction, just like their similarly liberal co-ethnicists back in the ancestral homeland: "A Reader Reports That Minnesota Not Only Has Suicidal Scandinavians, But Guilt-Ridden Germans—Who Elect America-Hating Muslims"