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Clinton Cash by Peter Schweizer

The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich

2015, HarperCollins, NY, 243 pages

Clinton Cash is a mind-boggling quick read on the Gorgon Queen and her beast master handler, Slick Willy, who emerges as her puppeteer—with himself the crowd puppet of those unseen, international entities who cater to his vices.

I ironically picked this book up as a remnant at the dollar store for a buck and was able to read about a litany of half million dollar speeches, written and paid for by private companies and external governments, with about a third of these various Washington influence for mega cash schemes involving the Russians! Clinton Cash explains the two-year long Muller investigation of Trump as a smoke screen, a way of making sure Americans could not stay awake for more Russia investigations. My favorite quote came from the Billary-Putin back-and-forth when the then Secretary of State said of Putin that he did “not have a soul” and that he replied deadpan that “At the bare minimum a head-of-state should have a head.”

The Clit-ons set up a new type of organization to better facilitate the use of governments to fleece the fools who put their faith in governments. My favorite visualizations were of Bill jet-setting around the world on some Canadian mobster’s plane, getting paid millions by Central Asian dictators while deflowering Miss Dirtmenstrualstan, Miss Cuntbriberystan and Miss Torturemanystan.

Ripping off Haitian and African children?


Plundering American and Canadian natural splendor?


Selling nuke juice to India and Russia?


Clear-cutting rain forests for campaign cash?


Chinese campaign cash in exchange for…?

Whatever they want!

The only thing that disappointed me about this book is that the Clit-ons failed to commit a financial crime to the detriment of humanity in Antarctica! Come on, you two, it’s a continent too!

I recall when I was a young man being disgusted at former President Regan for giving million-dollar speeches in Japan at the very time that the Japanese were taking American jobs and putting the final fork in American motor industry. The Clit-ons merely refined the old process whereby the elite set up a government structure to pillage the regular people, which is all a government structure is, nothing but a mechanism for minimizing the friction of pillaging operations. This brings me to the saddest fact about the book, Clinton Cash and the career the author has made of exposing the very predictable, ongoing corruption that government is designed to facilitate, leading me to believe that such authors, such journalists ultimately serve this pillaging mechanism—obviously, for if Schweizer threatened this structure he would be at the bottom of the Hudson Sound—by convincing the idiot voters that government is normally and supposedly for the good of its people, when it very rarely is.

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