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Crackpot Podcast 55

0:02:50 Quote from Citadel of the Autarch, RIP Gene Wolfe

0:05:25 Cluster headaches, walking around blind in Portland

0:10:52 Currentish events

0:23:57 Jared Taylor's take on Jamestown, racist dogs

0:34:10 The history of the Easter Tweaker

0:34:37 Big Chev and racist dogs

0:43:33 Cardi B, men get roofied too, "dude"

0:54:15 Chicago cops had to release an arrestee

0:57:45 Bay Area robberies

1:01:25 Publishing updates, Greatest Lie Ever Sold, Civilization Decomposes

1:05:47 Freddie Gray anniversary

Listen to Lynn quiz the crackpot at the link below:

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