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‘Bloody, Stupid Things I’ve Done’
Enemy of the State by Tommy Robinson
2015, The Press News LTD, 330 pages
I much enjoyed Tommy Robinson’s ghost written book and kudos to the man who got this punk to sit still for the necessary interviews—or did Tommy pace constantly around the ghost writer as he ranted, raved and digressed?
Any young person who is interested in ethnic preservation should read this book and reverse-engineer the punk life of Tommy Robinson [who was born Yaxley] in order to stay out of trouble with The State, out of prison and positioned to earn a living in the slave pens of The State. Like most leaders of ethnic action groups, like BLM, the NAACP and the organizer of the ill-fated Virginia 2017 march of “White” Nationalists, Tommy, who was the leading founder of the English Defense League, is a half-breed, being half-Irish.
Long before Tommy gets involved in street politics he proves himself in his own words, over and over again, to have been a fool and a punk. He believed and exposes vociferously the honor cult of the stand-up fight and by extension the soccer hooligan brawl and the demonstrative street fight. And, over and over again he gets beat up, chased, punked out, arrested and his family persecuted and terrorized, demonstrating a complete lack of tactical sense, behaving like an utter lapdog of the very State he claims to oppose—a State he claims to oppose even as he preaches the mantra of post-imperial forever wars in the Middle East.
Tommy’s life as a child is a case study in escalated hostility as a stifling, feminizing mechanism of State control:
-He fights one-on-one against boys of rival ethnicities, until, when successful here, he is attacked by a rival pack,
-He packs up with his bully blokes and goes out on the town to have recreational brawls and then gets abandoned by his mates, beaten and chased by larger packs,
-He packs up in larger numbers and gets preyed upon by armed gangs,
-He and his blokes tool up with more lethal means, win their brawls and get pounced on by the gang of gangs—the police.
This pattern shows over and over again, with a famous badass streetfighter, a devotee of the Chuck Norris Rule Cult, being beaten to death by a pack of Pakis armed with pipes and bars. This asshole actually took his toddler son for a walk in enemy territory and then agreed to fight against heavy odds.
Over and over again Tommy agrees, like some white Christ, to martyr himself to the State and his enemies by going to Muslim meetups. All the while Tommy cleaves to the idea of the State as a rightful judge of his actions, by wiring up and recording these meetings, forever seeking to play within approved State bounds as a loudmouthed agitator. From beginning to end, despite his extolling of Britain as a middle class bastion—and this despite the fact that he was one of only 6 in his class to qualify for a good job—Tommy’s entire mode of behavior suggest the recreational criminal, not the hard case operator, but the punk confident in his ability to outwit the Law, out-wink the media and outthink the hardcore criminals of non-English ethnicities whom he insists on embracing as political contacts throughout his career, eventually, in service to non-English globalists pursuing their war of atheistic hegemony in every corner of the world.
The man has balls, but that’s about it.
Most telling of all is Tommy’s love for the protest march, which is a political adaptation of the State-sanctioned parade [which protests are, normally sanctioned by the State], which was in turn descended from the Roman Triumph. The parade, first and foremost, is designed to be VULNERABLE as was the Roman triumph, as was the soviet military parade. This is why enemies of The State should never, ever parade. For the State, by having it’s conquering forces thread through the body politic they are charged with oppressing in the formation of the helpless ambush target, in the very formation that got Varus and his three legions murdered in Germany and got thousands of Americans killed in Somalia and Iraq, by showing force as a vulnerable display, sends the message that such force is overwhelming. The adoption of parading as political dissent is nothing but a funneling of dissenting sheep into an identity trap at the best and a killing lane at the worst, with these sheep ultimately shepherded by Deep State assets, rabble-handlers posing as agitators.
Just as troubling, because apparently everyone I know shares Tommy’s sensibilities about the State, this fool—or possibly Deep State handler, though if he is I’d say he was turned in prison—is wedded to the idea that The State is somehow supposed to serve The People, which is like saying that the vagina is supposed to impregnate the penis. Tommy and most of the world believe that The State should serve all people under its rule when the State’s 5,000 year old design is to pillage all factions but one according to the will of a shadowed oligarchy. When Tommy and others look at a dissolving society like England—once the homeland of a people and now the administrative hub of a people-farming scheme—and see the failure of The State, they are actually seeing its triumph, for a nation—crippled by fealty to its ethnic base cannot dominate other nations until its external concerns trump its internal concerns. And, ultimately, no nation can make the crucial transformation from a Nation dedicated to preserving its people from extra-national entities until it cultivates internal dissent by crafting lines of violent division within the existing ethnicities of the nation and inviting via employment, alliance, force or fraud—as the Egyptians did the Sudanese, the Romans did the Germans, the Planters did the Africans, and postmodern states do the Muslims—antagonistic populations into the “melting pot” which is the true birth place of the pure, self-serving State.
This reader, who is not political at all, and has had four books banned and can get none published by establishment houses, sees that Enemy of The State was published by The Press News LTD and wonders not if Tommy Robinson serves The State, but rather if he does so knowingly or as the geek in some carnival of delusion broadcast to the dying race he is helping to sedate.
Under the God of Things
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