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Harm City Shuffle
Crackpot Mailbox: Bob, Manny, Shep, Riley, Jeremy, Ishmael, Tony & Juan Stabone, Retired Portland Cop, Reporting

Dear Mr. Lafond,

As you mooted in your piece, Robinson (aka...) is very much an actor handled by Ezra Levant and his band of Israel-firsters. genuine enemies of the system aren't vilified in the media so much as ignored. I'm sure he'll sell plenty of copies.



In our darkest hour hope lingers on - Maggie's Farm

Sun, May 5, 10:38 PM (3 days ago)

Up beat, you know?


Baltimore's violent weekend continues with two fatal shootings overnight Saturday, including woman found in overturned car

"Baltimore homicide detectives are investigating after a man and a woman were killed in separate incidents overnight. They were among five city shooting victims since Saturday evening, continuing a streak of violence this weekend."


Never fear, Jeremy, the ATF is on it. Federal policing is blooming in Harm City.

Baltimore: Black-Run America - American Renaissance

2:52 PM (8 hours ago)



Mon, Apr 29, 3:39 AM (9 days ago)


Stylin’ in Baltimore | Knuckledraggin My Life Away

Sat, Apr 27, 8:56 PM (11 days ago)


Finally wrote a little story

Wed, May 1, 12:28 PM (7 days ago)


Weird Baltimore history

1:44 PM (9 hours ago)

Dude, I dug up some weird history, just a footnote, but I’m thinking you’re kinda interested in Baltimore history. Napoleon’s great nephew was born and died in Baltimore, heavily involved in city politics, was attorney general for awhile, secretary of the navy under Teddy Roosevelt, AND created what later became the FBI. Weird, right? Those Bonapartes get around. Maybe you already knew all this? Anyway, hope you’re having a good time back east there.

Your bro,


King County won’t charge criminals assaulting cops while resisting arrest

Retired Portland Cop, Juan Stabone

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