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War Returns
Crackpot Mailbox: Martial Posts from Readers

Good article. Please do not associate with me. Too much thought crime.

-Broadsheet Broadberg

You’ve probably read this but I enjoy

Video of a pretty lame looking duel.




Canelo Alvarez beats Jacobs in middleweight title fight

LAS VEGAS — Daniel Jacobs was bigger. Canelo Alvarez was better—but not by much.

Alvarez added another title belt to his collection Saturday night by winning rounds early and outboxing Jacobs in their middleweight showdown to take a close but unanimous 12-round decision.

dear mr. lafond,

coals-to-newcastle for you, no doubt, but i still see a lot of young men doing push-ups wrongly and risking shoulder impingement. forearms should stay vertical!



Interesting knife article

Wed, May 1, 10:51 AM (8 days ago)



Head-Dyke-in-Charge relieved of duty.

“Effective immediately, Brigadier General Kristin Goodwin is no longer performing her duties as Commandant of Cadets pending the results of an ongoing investigation. We cannot provide additional information regarding the investigation at this time.

The safety and security of our Airmen and cadets is always an overriding issue for us…”

(from) Lt. General Jay Silveira. 4-29-2019

Amos Behavin

Enthusiastic writing about an Indian hero.

Sent from Riley

things that make you go hmmm.

Sat, May 4, 11:13 PM (5 days ago)

dear mr. lafond,

in response to teutonic fist's indifference or applause of the notre-dame fire - had it not been a popular symbol of european tradition - however misplaced - it never would have been targeted for destruction.

for the puppet-masters:

*a strengthened clash-of-civilizations narrative useful in the coalition-of-the-willing's next middle-east military venture (rita katz of site is pointing at isis as involved).

*bureaucratic hurdles to redevelopment are avoided by the appointment of a commissioner with special powers (2024 olympics will see a large tourist influx).

*pretext for increased scrutiny and punishment of gilets jaunes.

whodunnit is a relevant consideration before any cheering begins. 800 year old wood is extremely hard to ignite. both the thick yellow smoke and the speed of the blaze's propagation speak to notre-dame being a sophisticated arson job. by way of illustration, here's a 35 year beam and an amateur's attempt to set it alight with what might be assumed to cause an accidental fire.



Shelters for the Self

The Captured Diary of Petty Officer Second Class Koyama

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