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Faith Trumps Fact
What happened at Mondawmin? Newly obtained documents shed light on start of Baltimore riot.

"Within weeks of the riots that ripped through Baltimore four years ago, the Maryland Transit Administration’s deputy police chief had pulled hours of dispatch records and compiled an email for colleagues — “RE: Mondawmin” — that outlined the earliest stages of the unrest in minute-by-minute detail.

"Throughout the timeline, which has not been published before now, Lt. Col. Fred Damron Jr. interspersed raw, emotionless radio chatter with his own commentary — recasting details through a law enforcement lens and in light of the harrowing realities he believed they foreshadowed..."

So does this extensive article begin on a factual basis.

However, the second half of the article is all about the feelings of abandonment and de-entitlement of students who were forced to riot by teachers who did not have the foresight to do what the police could not do—stop the savages!

One rioter is even emotionally distraught over an elder of his own oppressed race reminding him that he destroyed her neighborhood. The police actions to block the Mondawmin purge are cited as the cause of the riots while they were the target!

"Then came the blame. Cooper-Flight recalled walking in the neighborhood after the unrest, and hearing a woman jeer at him and his friend in their school uniforms: “'There go them Douglass kids who started the riot,'” she said.

“''You don’t even know the whole story about how it all went down,” he remembered thinking. “'To be a Douglass student, and to have this happen to us — it was unfair.'"

This was a David versus Goliath battle by a high school versus the 8th largest police department in the nation and instead of being proud, the victors whine like whipped dogs.

These chilyin had no agency!

They were victims!

The travesty of this article, which begins with facts and then erases them with faith in the newly risen God of Guilt, is that it attacks a work of heroism by 60 youths who defeated a 2,000 man police department in a pitched battle, inflicting 10 to 1 casualties, tying the entire department down while their older associates fanned out and looted 35 pharmacies of corporate dope and put the fear into their racial enemies as dozens of paleface men were singled out and inured, 10 killed.

This is what a warrior gets when he allies with civilization—emasculation and the falsification of his deeds into apologetic screeds.

My hatred of our society has renewed vigor after reading this slander of the combatants in the battle that was the Bull Run of the second American Civil War.

Thanks to Lynn Lockhart for providing the article.

If you want to know what really happened, take it from an asshole who was there:

War Drums: Forty Miles from The Big House

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