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Crackpot Mailbox: Michael the Exile Wants to Know Why Does the Crackpot Sleep on the Floor

Sun, May 5, 1:28 PM (4 days ago)


In a previous video you mentioned that sleeping on a mattress set directly on the floor was preferable to a raised bed. Could you expand on that? Why is it better to sleep close to the floor rather than higher off the ground?

Best regards,

-Michael the Exile

Michael, there are two reasons why I have chosen to sleep on the floor rather than on an elevated frame.

The main reason is that I spent the most dangerous years of my life [8 to be exact] living in a neighborhood where police choppers constantly circled overhead, one heard sirens most of the itime, and gunshots rang out a few times a year.

Living in older frame houses and new cheap construction, I found that the window sill was lower in both of these than in the suburban ranch house or brick row houses I was raised in, so low, that if your bed was on a platform bullets could whiz right through the window and clip you in your sleep.

In the Toxic Tree House I slept 2 feet below the window and could creep up from my prone position and peek out the window. This also came in handy when we had an earthquake in 2012 while I was sleeping off the night shift at noon and my mattress simply slid rather than collapse amongst the ruin of a frame.

Also, I'm an old dude who dates old girls, so them having to haul themselves painfully up from the floor with their weak arms, knees stiff from the long years of grinding the pillaged grain taken from the wretched Diggers to make my breakfast cakes, encourages them to remain where they do the most good.

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