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Pennies and Heels
Training Review from May 20, 2019

Yesterday my man Erique drove me into Harm County to an old unused Rec Center activity area to meet a number of young men for defensive combat training.

2 coaches were barely enough to handle the six men without causing training gaps and we could have done better with the organization of the fighters. That’s my fault, being primarily a one-to-one trainer.

The aspects that worked the best were two:

-Training lines, for practicing extension weapon disarms, with the two coaches using the weapon and the fighters rotating to the back of the line was fairly efficient.

-Picking up teams and then having us fight each other with the blunt knives was probably the most enjoyable section.

I will try and hone these training models for future sessions.

The presence among the fighters of the swordsman with kickboxing experience was helpful. Cutting him out for a short solo session worked well so that he can serve as a conduit later.

The advantage of a team to squad-sized group is more hands on time with the coaches than larger groups and more overall retention—as each fighter remembers and forgets differently—of the overload of material. All clinics and seminars present far too much formation and mechanics to be absorbed by a single person. We would never cover so much with a one-on-one session, but focus on intensively training fewer aspects.

To save expense and maximize investment groups of men who have engaged in clinic or seminar sessions should meet up as soon as possible in smaller groups to review methods and compare impressions.

Two questions that came up, which many of our readers might benefit from are:

How best to use a roll of coins as a weapon?

Use only paper coin wrappers. Do not tape this up as it will be regarded as a homemade weapon indicating intent to do harm. A paper wrapper of coins can be broken in the hand and thrown in the face to blind an attacker, or simply broken and scattered to destroy evidence of your crime against the machine that craves your enslavement. Such throws should be done with the non-throwing hand extended as a sight and the throw released when the face is between 1 and 2 feet from the aiming hand. To amplify hand weight for the punch use coins that do not prevent tight closure of the fist. Small hands need dimes, most hands pennies and only mutant sized mitts should use nickels or quarters. Loose pennies and dimes combined in a pocket are ideal for blinding with a face throw or for weighting the fist for heavier punching.

How to stay off your heels while training and conditioning?

Inside one can train barefoot.

Outside you should use shoes specifically purchased new for training as a wear pattern in your shoe, whether on the heel or edge of the foot, will encourage you to continue improperly displacing your weight.

Once you have used new shoes to address your foot mechanics and correct weight displaced to the side or rear of the shoe, replace your everyday shoes and practice walking with an even heel-toe gait. Certain jobs and even incidental waiting or conversational standing habits can wear the edge or heel of a shoe in such a way as to retard your foot mechanics.

For basic violence survival the most useful method is stepping off to your right, oblique to the aggressor with your rear hand up in a throat, head, gut or warding guard, depending on whether the perceived threat is edged or blunt, and to rake the left eye with your right fingers.

One of our fighters was a military man who had been taught to attack the eyes with spread fingers to maximize chances of blinding. That is how you train an expendable weapon. Boxing and escrima coaches care more about your fingers. Keep all your digits together, with a slight inward bend to each joint, forming a speared cup of fingers.

Remember, that the best way to be an effective enemy of civilization is to be able and willing to defend yourself. Every time you have successfully defended yourself you have spit in the eye of the system that hates you be denying its political, legal and/or medical purchase upon your person. Note that injury is only an incidental aspect of the threat and that a successful defense must include anonymity before the media and law enforcement as well as the evasion of maiming and death. Simple injury is a small price to pay for avoiding the political and legal fate hanging like the sword of the executioner over the heads of the roughly one in ten modern males who qualify for the ancient definition of manhood, namely that a man does not SURRENDER the duty of defending himself to some proxy actor.

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