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‘Slip en Fall’
A Liability Discussion at a Harm County Convenience Store

The author was getting a cola slushee at the frozen drink machine while two employees, an oppressed ebon warrior and a paleface breeder, spoke behind the counter while business lulled.

Ebro: So what would you do if your husband slip en fell?

Ghostgirl: I’d help him up, of course.

Ebro: Naw girl, I mean if he slip en fall—you know.

Ghostgirl: No I don’t know.

Ebro: [Smacks lips] I mean if he slip en fall into a woman.

Ghostgirl: What?

Ebro: [Shakes head] Like if he slip en fall into a woman—into her...

Ghostgirl: You mean if he cheated on me, slept with another woman?

Ebro: Yes, if he slip en fall.

Ghostgirl: So how big is this vagina supposed to be if a man can just slip and fall into it?

Ebro: Size got nuffin ta do wit it—shit jus’ happens.

Ghostgirl: Rrright! Men just slip and fall between the legs of another woman.

Ebro: Yes. How many times would yo take him back, two, three, four?

Ghostgirl: Shoot, there’d be no second time.

Ebro: Oh dats cruel, hateful even! You got ta give a man who slip en fall a chance.

Ghostgirl: So, if your wife (air quotes) slipped and fell (air quotes) would you forgive her?

Ebro: Oh, that’s different. Nah, she’d got ta go.

Ghostgirl: Really? How so?

Ebro: You can’t slip en fall up onto somethin’ you fall into somethin’.

Ghostgirl: Oh, that’s some bullshit right there.

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KMDMay 23, 2019 11:35 AM UTC

Brother has a point.