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Outside the Ring
Boxers and Street Fights with Chuck Wepner Champ

I mentioned to show you this article last night Holmes trainer said in street fighting Wepner would be champ.

Take care.

Big Ron

6:52 AM (1 hour ago)

Thanks Big Ron!

Larry Holmes, as the consummate technical boxer, had a lot of respect for the tough journeymen like Wepner and Cobb that he built his career on. When asked by a sportswriter about whether or not Tex Cobb would be intimidated by Holmes stature before Holmes pitched his shutout of Cobb, the keen-minded African American opined, "I'll just be another nigger" [to Cobb].

As one of the smartest men to wear the heavyweight crown, Larry Holmes knew that he was gaming the sport, that in an MMA or brawling or mugging situation, he'd be stuck in the middle of the pack. Holmes is the boxer that many coaches such as myself use as an example of the importance of the jab. However, in spontaneous violent encounters, virtually all the trained boxers I interviewed about their experiences outside the ring, threw not jab 1, but used sucker punches and other means. The only men that jabbed were those in informal match fights and those fending off mobs and protecting women cradled in their rear arm.

Let's keep in mind, that although he lost, Chuck did fight Andre the Giant and a Polar Bear!

dear mr. lafond,

thanks to you and big ron for that article. the article ended with a real pearl of wisdom from lennox about third-party encounters:

'"I don't like unfairness," Lennox Lewis says. "I don't like seeing someone hurt on the street. If someone is getting beaten up, I want to intervene. But there are fewer limits on violence now than there used to be. Someone can pull out a knife or a gun, so I'm much more wary of playing peacemaker than I was before. If I do intervene, I'll grab the guy who's getting beaten up and pull him away. Usually, he's happy that it's over and the stronger guy doesn't feel threatened by me because I didn't put my hands on him. But to be honest with you, I stay as far away from street fights as I can."'



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