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‘In Their House’
Inside a Lost African Tribe Still Living in India Today | Short Film Showcase

In the pathetic, whining documentaries below the hardcore race solidarity of Indians and the cult of African martyrdom collide in a simpering sulk-fest. The Kenyan producers are at least honest that these Africans were shipped to Indian as slaves, not be the ever evil Europeans, but by the greatest slave trading race in human history, the Arabs, who invented the term Slave as a reflection of their thirst for fresh Slavic European sex slaves. Overall, these African martyr films point out that European-Americans are the least racist folk on Planet Earth, though the false narrative of our national life claims the opposite ad nauseam.

In terms of considering slave rebellions in Plantation America, and the most fantastic and uplifting slave rebellion in human history, the only one that succeeded and the only military victory by Africans outside of Africa, the French Revolution Era rebellion that created the nation of Haiti, these documentaries concerning the iron age tribe of 60,000 African living among nearly a billion Caucasians and Dravidians are instructive. The life of the Siri people teaches us a few lessons concerning the false narrative of American slavery that says that all European slaves worked out their term in bliss and did not runaway and that African slaves only ran away after hundreds of years of abuse and the late-blooming support of northern Christians:

-Tribal African warriors tended to run for the forests immediately in the Americas and Indian, when transplanted by force to familiar habitats.

-These seed communities of maroons served as destinations for runaways, and in English and Spanish North America even formed into “Indian” tribes.

-The majority of African slaves happily adopt the religion and cultural trappings of their masters, putting their own African spin on their passive cultural appropriations.

-While runaway European American slaves just wanted to be left alone and migrated to the far west until being recaptured in the wake of manifest destiny, the majority of African American descended form slaves—exactly like the Siri of western Indian—agitate for a new master class to rise in government to provide for their needs in the postmodern plantation of the soul.

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