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'Biggest Bareknuckle Fight'
Sean Wants a Crackpot Prediction of Paulie Malignaggi versus Artem Lobov for the BKFC Welterweight Title



May 24, 2019, 10:39 AM (4 days ago)


Would love to hear your analysis of this match up next month.

Paulie Malignaggi is a former two division boxing world champ known for his chin and speed. Here is the highlights of his fight against Miguel Cotto.

Artem Lobov is a former MMA fighter who was an average fighter known for his chin and aggression. Here was his last bareknuckle fight.


Sources and Notes

I couldn't stomach any Paulie interviews. What a scum bag. He even talked trash about McGregor while working in his camp!

Miguel Cotto vs Paulie Malignaggi Highlights


“Him being a wanker, being an asshole—I guarantee his own parents hate this guy,” says the Russo-British knucklehead who really seems to get the cultural foundation of boxing.

Artem lobov vs Jason Knight full fight

Scoring in this fight was superior to what is generally seen in MMA and boxing at amateur and professional level. Knight and his corner scare the shit out of me. Seriously, in a gang fight, they beat any corner on earth.


In a knife fight, Paulie wins.

In a stick fight Artem wins.

In a street fight Artem wins.

In a gloved boxing match, Paulie pitches a shut out.

In MMA Artem brings down the hammer and the sickle.

In LPR bare knuckle under the old rules, Artem wins with hip throws and heel trips.

But in bare knuckle fighting under modern rules I think it's a pick um fight.

Pailie's advantage is his jab, which he can use to cut.

His disadvantage is being conditioned to hit the head and throw high volume, which should endanger his hands.

His clutch advantage is his shoulder roll defense which could nullify Artem's rising strikes.

Artem's advantages are youth, bone density, specific experience and God—who surely made Paulie to test the rest of us.

His disadvantages are low speed and his blocky extended guard, recommended by Captain Godfrey in 1748 and superseded my Mendoza's milling in the late 1790s.

His clutch advantage are his punching tool kit, consisting of a low line straight left and rising blows that minimize hand damage.

Wild Cards

If Paulie—unphased by the southpaw habits of his opponent—realizes that he should feint the jab then shoulder roll and shoot rising up jabs and straight jabs to the chest.

If Artem has learned the chancery that Knight used on him [holding the neck and head and hitting] and uses that to counter Paulie's head movement that could be huge.

Paulie has a tendency to slap with his glove and hit with the wrist. Doing that with these taped wrists would be a good weapon, Corbett used the wrist bone like a karate ridge hand a lot.

Is there a foul against hitting with the taped wrist?

If there is not, Atem should practice a lateral hammer fist to the ear and downward hammer fist to the collar bone. This format is more like ancient Greek boxing than old bare knuckle, so hammer fists should be integrated, including the spinning back fist which once won the welterweight title.

The Punishing Art

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DvFJune 3, 2019 4:06 PM UTC

Lobov drops the hammer!