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Traits and Ingrates
Crackpot Mailbox: Josh, Bob, Shep, Riley, Lynn, Ishmael & Teri

I Have Been Permanently Banned from Facebook...

Matt Forney via

Mon, May 27, 8:31 AM (3 days ago)

to me


Thanks mate. Look at this stuff:

It’s Official: Higher Jewish Intelligence Is Genetic | Articles

See, earlier, from 2007: Charles Murray's "Jewish Genius", by Steve Sailer The Left’s attitude to IQ epitomizes its irrational, contradictory, self-serving, anti-science world view. At one moment, IQ tests are biased against blacks, IQ tests don’t measure anything meaningful, and there are different and equally important kinds of “intelligence.”


central axis reload

Sat, May 25, 3:49 AM (5 days ago)

dear mr. lafond,

one for jeremy bentham's opinion: paul castle's pistol technique. it seems sensible, given most encounters are short-range.





Sat, May 25, 1:08 AM (5 days ago)

James, for some reason my computer won’t let me comment, so I couldn’t write this on your site, but I just wanted to say that “Barbarism, Civilization, and Savagery” was excellent! If this were a sane world, you would be a tenured professor of historical anthropology at a prestigious university.


James LaFond <>

Mon, May 27, 10:40 PM (3 days ago)

to Shep

Thankfully, it is not a sane world.

The Lair of Thulsa Doom

Sun, May 26, 9:45 PM (4 days ago)


Fri, May 24, 3:56 PM (6 days ago)

This is really amazing and awful and she got six figures for it.

Lynn Lockhart

Thu, May 23, 5:51 PM (7 days ago)

Something nice happening in a school for once.



The nerve!

“10-12 Somali teen males armed with hammers” Chased Passengers in Minneapolis

Wed, May 22, 8:54 PM (8 days ago)

The hammer continues to build and destroy. It is interesting that the most innocently useful tools also fall into the weapon class. A battery powered drill with a proper bit could be nasty up close too, or a nail gun. Screwdriver? Awl? Chisel? Wrecking bar?

A carpenter headed home after an annoying day is probably a target to skip.

Sent from Riley

Wine Storage Owner Pleads Guilty to Fraud | Wine-Searcher News & Features

Wed, May 22, 8:02 PM (8 days ago)

I have known for some time that Harm City has slipped the bonds of decency, but I had never suspected it had slipped so far. Fucking with a man’s liquor stash is far beyond the pale!


Ferguson & Hassler in Quarryville to close after 103 years; location will reopen as Giant | Local Business |

Mon, May 27, 11:07 AM (3 days ago)

At the bare minimum this store being acquired by the Dutch chain will reduce a 170 person payroll to 120 jobs.


The Vikings' Most Valued Personal Trait | Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen - YouTube

Wed, May 22, 5:25 PM (7 days ago)

America, what are you doing to your men? "Toxic masculinity", virtue signalling, stupid tv shows - YouTube

Wed, May 22, 5:26 PM (8 days ago)

How Stoicism Can Improve Your Life and Survival Skills | Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen - YouTube

Wed, May 22, 6:09 PM (8 days ago)

Why Good Men Are Hated - Fatherhood, manhood and masculinity need to return - YouTube

Sat, May 25, 3:35 PM (5 days ago)

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LynnMay 31, 2019 6:22 PM UTC

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