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Censorship Tidal Wave - Youtube
Darkness Falls—and We Remain: A Heads Up from Michael the Exile

Wed, Jun 5, 5:56 PM (8 hours ago)
I just want to warn you that many non-pc channels on Youtube have been deleted today. One of them was Thulean Perspective, a channel owned and operated by a Scandinavian man named Varg whose content was somewhat similar to yours - philosophical discussions about nations, governments, truth and everything the power that be will do to suppress it.
If you will, I suggest Lynn and yourself start looking at alternative platforms to host your material as I fear it might soon get censored. Here is my suggestion : create an account on Bitchute, Minds and Gab.
Bitchute is a viable Youtube alternative that doesn't give two shits about censorship and the Globalists' agenda. Gab is like an independant version of Facebook and Minds is like a hybrid of both.
Since the pencil-necked faggots that dwell in the putrid bowels of Commifornia seem to have decided to stop pretending to care, I think the time as come to branch out to multiple, independant platforms.
Best regards,
Mike the Exile

Thanks for the warning, Michael. Actually, not having to do podcasts will give us more time to work on books. I will try and look into these things when I locate someone who can help me sign up—I'm hopelessly techtarded. Minds sounds interesting.
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Mike_CJune 21, 2019 6:51 PM UTC

Thulean Perspective is up on Bitchute:

But let's cut the Globalists some slack. Poor poor weak, powerless, always innocent, eternally-victimized Globalists. All they want is the universal good of Mank..., er, Human..., er Hupersonkind.
responds:June 22, 2019 5:50 PM UTC

Thanks, Sir
LynnJune 13, 2019 11:58 AM UTC

Mike, thanks for the sage advice. I have a latent Minds account, will try to get more content on there. It's @lynnlockhart