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Pool Side
Crackpot Mailbox: Weekly Mail Washed up on the Jersey Shore


They are not waiting for that aircraft carrier you promised them!

Vox Popoli: The genuine racists

Sun, Jun 2, 11:28 AM (4 days ago)

B Sirius

Don't know if you have these:

Sat, Jun 1, 8:24 PM (5 days ago)

both are free................

Mon, Jun 3, 2:04 PM (3 days ago)

there were nine paladin press books there too bro

Hunter McGrady

So glad you like me!

Bryce Sharper

you'll like this:

Christianity is in need of criticism and it helps Christians to hear how poorly their sales and marketing - the post-modern corporatist version of "evangelism" - is received by unbelievers. The Christianity of Jesus, Paul, Augustine, and Luther was masculine even though it was feminist for its time. Towards the 14th century, it became more feminized:

If you're looking for a good apologia of Christianity, RC Sproul is much better. He was probably the best theologian since Luther and Calvin. He is very into Greek philosophy, though you might have some criticisms. The first lecture is free. The series is $50 but you can probably find one of his books on this topic for next to nothing from Thriftbooks.

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Ruben ChandlerJune 6, 2019 6:25 PM UTC

I'm gonna die.......................LOLOLOLOL

“John LaFrank. He’s a genius. I told you that already. Get this, he rigged up a sparring dummy with some old clothes and ziplock baggies full of ketchup, taped ‘em underneath the clothes where all the major arteries are. He’s been teaching my kids how to stab people. My youngest pulled a knife on me last week because I ‘disrespected’ him.”

“So what about your chick?”

“She’s living in the garage with the great writer. The kids started sleeping in there too. Like I said, everything is weird around here lately.”

“Alright man, well take it easy.”