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‘Concrete Killing Fields’
Civil War Two: the Coming Breakup of America by Thomas W. Chittum

1996, Geodesics Publishing, Los Vegas, NV

Civil War Two is the best of five treatments on the subject of a violently broken America that I have recently investigated in response to the following:

During a week in May of 2019 I met up with three men who I have long known. They each began our conversation by inquiring into my vagabond life. They then, each went right to their most pressing concern, each wanting to know what I thought about the looming American Civil War.

Blue: This man is a Liberal Leftist of color, convinced by the media he consumes that armies of rabidly racist, Christian Caucasians are poised to invade American cities to conduct mass genocide of “non-whites” and gays. And, just like many conservative ghost people in 2016, who thought that Obama would not vacate the white house but remain as dictator, he staunchly believes that Trump will appoint himself dictator for life.

Red: This man is a Libertarian Conservative, who “gives no shit about social issues, like who is fucking who,” but is highly concerned about his right to keep what he earns and his right to gun ownership and self-protection. This businessman does 8 million dollars in work a year and walks away with a mere 100k due to government regulation and taxes and harbors a violent resentment against Leftist politicians who insist that he should only walk away with the wages of a janitor at the end of the year.

Gray: The third man is a self-described “Third Positionist” who has spent time as a Liberal Leftist and as a White Nationalist and is convinced that both sides are unwitting tools of the Deep State and is not worried at all about the health of the United States of America, but sees the nation that has murdered his family as a basket of rotten political eggs which rots according to its own noxious karma, now on the brink of reaping what it has so unjustly sowed.

Chittum has a fascinating history as a rifleman in three largely unconventional wars: Vietnam, Rhodesia and Croatia. One would expect him to be of a similar bent to Red. However, he casts advice into the crosswinds of discord, seemingly concerned like some referee that each player is well-prepared for the contest ahead. For instance, while Blue is a man of color who sees the blooming division of this polyglot society as ideological, Chittum reminds him that politicians of color serve their racial enemies along ideological lines at the expense of their own folk and that the struggle will eventually break down along racial lines once it becomes overt. Also, while Chittum seems to share the sentiments of Red, he points out that the shared assumption of Blue and Red that police and military will serve Constitutionalist Caucasian interests is laughably childish.

Three areas bearing on political autonomy that Chittum covers that are completely off the radar of the Left-Right, Black-White false narrative of American strife which is the primary focus of other treatments of the coming Balkanization of America are:

-40,000 [37k at Chittum’ writing] plus foreign nationals enjoy actual God Status in the U.S., with diplomatic immunity permitting them to injure, rape, kill and enslave U.S. citizens with no risk of legal action by the state.

-Numerous semi-autonomous tribal areas already exist in the U.S.

-The major force in the coming breakup will not be the “black” slaves of the white liberal elite, nor the guilt-palsied Caucasian feed cows dreaming 1950s dreams, but the cohesive, dynamic, violent, hard-working, racially conscious Mexican Americans who already possess a military arm—narco traffickers and a university intellectual class committed to a north Mexican nation as well as an intact religion.

Throughout Civil War Two Chittum points out that America of 1996 was already terminally divided along internal political fault lines but that a general shooting war would never emerge until some natural or economic disaster placed large numbers of Americans into third world living conditions. While I am of the opinion that we are currently in a shooting civil war which is being concealed in plain sight from the idiot American populace through media manipulation and see some of Cittum’s assertions as outdated, thus far he has presented the only realistic grasp of the paramilitary and military situation, so I will use his text as a reference while approaching this subject that means more than anything to so many people of different stripes who I am close to.

The numerous podcast and video discussions of this subject, including one polished You Tube Right Wing activist who I suspect of being a Deep State agitator and the Iheart Radio presentation of It Could Happen Here, which is unabashedly Left Wing, tend to miss great swaths of reality, cling to assumptions far older than Chittum’s text, and traffic in fear and hatred. However, these partisan actors on the truth-bending stage—some of whom on both sides obviously sprang from the defunct libertarian movement—as they call for censorship and disarmament on the Left and separatism on the Right serve as valuable barometers for making meaningful forecasts concerning this War of the Diodochi over the still twitching corpse of America.

To Chittum’s credit, he makes reality-based predictions that are more relative a quarter century later than the real time discussion currently underway. In that light I will employ his work as a distant mirror rather than as a guide. For I suspect that we might be heading into something like a high tech dark age and that conventional notions of civil war may have little application.

As I explore the questions these three men posed in their unique ways I will endeavor to plumb the gathering darkness form one or more of their perspectives rather than from my own worldview, which I will reserve for evaluating source material. The methodology will be to examine every piece of information that passes through the filter between my ears with an eye towards what I suspect is an ongoing uncivil war, being the simultaneous colonization of our consciousness by opposing, and undoubtedly evil, forces.

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Bryce SharperJune 10, 2019 4:44 AM UTC

"To Chittum’s credit, he makes reality-based predictions that are more relative a quarter century later than the real time discussion currently underway. In that light I will employ his work as a distant mirror rather than as a guide. For I suspect that we might be heading into something like a high tech dark age and that conventional notions of civil war may have little application."

We are already in a high-tech dark age and a "hot peace" as Samuel Culper describes it. I think there will be a mixture of old and new things in this civil war: the need for friends, a job, and a way of feeding yourself along with high tech means of communicating with regional allies and ensuring privacy and access to capital.

These are things I tend to write about. Sounds like I should read Chittum. I'll eventually read Bracken's "Foreign and Domestic" series also.

The Mexicans and the narcos are often the same thing. Every Mexican driving north is a potential drug mule. Mexican culture often glorifies narcos and there are even religions that worship to Santa Muerte and Jesus Malverde which are narco gods/idols. The government is very corrupt and the people often see working for narcos as a way out of poverty. THe Mexican government, in its arrogance, thought it could always control the narcos but now they are losign power to them.

I agree with Chittum that the narcos are a real problem and the Southwest US is turning into a Nueva Comancheria.
responds:June 10, 2019 10:58 AM UTC

Great outline.