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Song of the Sewer
The Quickening of Anarcho-Tyranny in Baltimore City and Baltimore County

Harm City is on pace for 320 killings, making it thus far the 3rd deadliest year of the last five since the Purge began in April 2015. Looking at the graph on the bottom right panel of the link provided below, one will see that of the 133 killings, only 4 happened in the precinct seeing the most change. This is the Central District, where the Harbor Place Mall, erected in 1980 to rejuvenate the Inner Harbor, has only 2 vendors left and is closing.

The well-meaning and deluded owner of Under Armor wants to buy the Inner Harbor location and put up a boxing ring so that hoodrats can decide their beefs with gloves rather than guns, which totally missed the point that three boxers have been murdered in Baltimore as trophy kills in the last 3 years. If you are not going to eat it, shoot a buck so you get the trophy rack. Mob attacks—many ebony on ivory—have been challenged by police, with the ACLU coming to the defense of the innocent youth videoed rampaging through city center.

Also not indicated by the murder stats is that the areas of Baltimore County rapidly becoming most unsafe are adjacent to the Northeastern, Eastern and Northern districts, which do not top the murder rankings. The fact is, that the violent criminals who attack citizens for thrill beatings, rapes and robberies but do not kill them are being chased out of the deep ghetto by killers. I would make a motion to deputize all of the hundred odd serial killers in Baltimore and do not prosecute them for killing lesser criminals on sight.

In Eastern Baltimore Count Dundalk, a long time pale enclave, is now the scene of a surge of ebony on ivory violence with car loads of men piling out to beat lone young men and rape lone young women. This is also hierarchal predation, a continuation of the trend in America of those who have cars attacking those who are pedestrians, the knights of our High Tech Dark Age terrorizing its peasantry.

In the East, also, three mall mob brawls, including throwing tables and chairs at the White Marsh Mall food court [which was regarded as upper middle class just five years ago] have driven more customers away from shopping centers.

In Above Northeast and North Baltimore, demographic change in Baltimore County is sweeping suburbia, with a 3-mile deep, 10 mile-wide swath unsafe to traverse by foot at night, with eatery attendance dropping steeply. Fresh section eight housing is now dotting the suburban landscape up to 5 miles beyond the City Line, with military age males on foot seen walking through upscale residential areas by day and night with no police deterrence present.

The police helicopter shared by the City and the County is now speeding as much time over the County suburbs as the City warrens, mostly along the northern and northeastern edge.

I have witnessed at least one bull parade on each ride around the Northeast with military age male pedestrian aggressively stopping traffic with their swaggering gait and muscular menace.

Although I predicted these trends, the pace of acceleration is shocking. Keep in mind the News Shuffle, the fact that news coverage focusses on “black-on-back” killings in unmixed areas, while the real demographic replacement is taking place with glares, cars, bicycles, hands, fists, gun threats and sneakers as the pale population is rooted from its remaining enclaves. The only sub-lethal threats making the news are the dirt bike riders who take over streets for a short period and then leave. The most ominous tend in Baltimore County is car loads of gun-armed youth doing drive-by stickups.

All U.S. cities other than Manhattan and the Northwest Coast will see these trends and they will accelerate as soon as sufficient feral humans have been injected into the population base.

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